A Cloth Nappy Fact

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the topic of cloth nappies and whether they really are more environmentally friendly than disposables? Well, it is a bit of a can of worms, and we’ll cover the eco aspect of cloth nappies in time. But for now it might be worth mentioning how much money they can save….

From birth to potty (taking an average of about two and a half years young) using cloth nappies will cost you approximately £400 and that includes laundry costs. Compare that to around £1200 for disposable nappies for two and a half years. You could have had triplets in cloth nappies for two and a half years for the same price. Not bad, eh?

4 thoughts on “A Cloth Nappy Fact”

  1. Yes, cloth is cheaper – unless you are a total nappy tart like me who just HAS to try out every style going before deciding she doesn’t like most of them and leaving them to moulder on a shelf!

    The REALLY IMPORTANT point is that cloth nappies look much, much cuter.

  2. I love using cloth nappies. I also love the smell of them when they are drying on the line in the sun. I think that was last week..Tuesday for an hour if memory serves me right. haha!

  3. I love having my newborn in terry nappies. There’s an old fashioned charm to seeing a line full of terry squares blowing about in the sunshine. And then when he fits my supply of fuzzi bunz from my first child (more financial savings) they are so quick and easy to clip onto one of those multi hangers that are popular with campers.

  4. I have a friend who is a Montessori trained pre-school teacher and she tells me that in her experience kids that wear cloth nappies are toilet trained about a year earlier than ones who don’t. This has got to add up to an enormous saving, both in money and for the environment. I think most studies that compare cloth with disposable tend to compare the two over the same time period, but if you are using cloth, then you may well be in nappies for less time overall so there would be even less impact on the environment.

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