Breastfeeding Scoop Neck Tee

Product Review by Diana E – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Breasfeeding Scoop Neck Tee

So the big question I had was have Frugi managed to successfully jump from producing flattering clothing for bigger bums to producing flattering clothing for bigger bosoms?! Well the short answer is “yes”, the longer answer is “it depends”! 

I may be on my own here (I suspect not) but I don’t particularly enjoy looking at myself in a mirror after having had a baby; bits are either too big, too unshapely or too wobbly! My leaking, aching boobs (can I say ‘boob’ on this blog?!) look decidedly oversized in my pre-pregnancy tops and I got the shock of my life by the imposing profile that was created from my droopy frontage by the M&S fitter in the search for a “supportive” nursing bra. No matter what childbirth has done to your figure, it is unlikely that you feel excited when examining your wardrobe only to find some over-the-bump maternity trousers, a wrap top that flattered your once firm baby belly but now just accentuates your flabby post-baby tummy and a cleavage-enhancing maternity top that is now more than snug making it impossible to pull it up/down discreetly <sigh>… Tell me I’m not the only one?!

To cut a long moan short, when I got the Frugi breastfeeding top to review I wondered how on earth I would review it without spending an age bemoaning the state of my childbirth ravaged body. Clearly I have failed! Hmmmm…

Anyway, to get to the point, what I need in a good breastfeeding top, especially when out in public, is easy and discreet access that I can accomplish one-handed without taking an eye off my handbag/wandering toddler/shopping. The Scoop Neck Tee comes good on the discreet access, the carefully placed holes in the under layer do miraculously provide you with a gap in the right place to access a good mouthful of boob without exposing miles of flesh as you hoik it up, although at only 5’3” I found the top a bit too long for me and often my baby was lying on the layer of clothing I was trying to pull up leading to a bit of frustration from both of us and maybe a few more stares than usual as I wrestled with the surplus fabric to the sound of impatient whinging (mostly the baby).

As both layers are lovely organic cotton they are sometimes hard to separate and it might be a bit too hot on a summer’s day but we have so few of those it’s barely worth mentioning. The scoop neck is a trifle too wide and low cut for my liking especially as many nursing bras have big straps that you don’t want anyone to see but then I am short as I have said so it would probably suit anyone taller or less frumpy than me, I’m guessing that will be most of you…

This top is more generously proportioned than the Henley Top which I also have, especially for skimming big tums and bums. Its length means you can conceal the fact that you are still wearing your maternity trousers too! The Henley is more ‘straight up and down’ which suits me better 5 months down the line than it did in the first months. If you like your curves (as deep down I do despite my tongue in cheek moaning!) then this Scoop Neck Tee is going to be the first thing you reach for out of the ironing pile, you’ll give it a good shake and pop it on. I’m not one for ironing and neither of these tops needs it to look good although a very quick press brings them back to pristine condition very easily. The ‘Lint’ green is very flattering for paler complexions and I do love the dusky pink edging of the Henley Top.

So despite my reservations, if this top is clean and dry – I’ll be wearing it and hope to be buying a smaller size soon, 9 months on 9 months off they say don’t they?!


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Scoop Neck Tee”

  1. Giggling as I read this – I think I’ve met my twin!

    My most bizarre breastfeeding top moment was accidentally putting my head through the boob-access slit. With mum-brain I couldn’t work out where I’d gone wrong as I desperately tried to get my arms in the sleeves. My partner had to eventually get the thing off me and dress me properly….

  2. And I bet he will remind you of that again and again!

    I bought the breastfeeding top so as not to miss out, and wanted an item of Frugi clothing for myself, not just Benjamin!

    I am at the moment wearing the Henley dusty pink version (although I wouldn’t call it pink… its a nice colour, don’t tend to like pink…) and it’s very comfortable.

    I’ve stopped breastfeeding, and am actually on a ‘feeling fat’ day, so this was the thing that covered those slabs of fat – but I’m now wondering if the gathering round the top would suit a breastfeeding bossum rather than my reduced version! But then that’s unfair to the top – it’s not meant for mums who desperately want a Frugi top but don’t fit the criteria.

    Then again, I guess it fits better than the 18-24 month Fishy Romper.

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