Clothes for Cloth Nappies

When Lucy first had the idea to start a company selling clothes that would fit over cloth nappies, I must admit that I was a little dubious. I would go so far as to say that, right at the very start, I humoured her somewhat saying things like, “Yes darling, that’s a great idea. You carry on reading all the cloth nappy forums and making postings and do your research and then we’ll talk”. Well, my bluff was called a bit wasn’t it?

Being a bloke, clothes to me are a bit more function than form. Late nights talking cloth nappies, baby clothes, fat bums, gussets etc were not really my ‘bag’…man. Then we started talking land fill and how cloth nappies are better than disposables and the environmental implications and I began to have the seeds of interest. (Just the seeds you realise, not the whole Jack and the Beanstalk).

We’d been using cloth nappies with Tom, but I’d never really dug into the depths of the rationale behind it. I did the whole path of least resistance thing and just nodded my head, as I still do, to every suggestion Lucy makes (getting into a debate with her about anything is sure to end in humiliating defeat as annoyingly she’s mostly right…grrrrr!). But it made sense, and cloth nappies are apparently quite cool amongst the 30 – something modern man (as I think I am? – Ok don’t laugh). However, it did take me a while to get into the tonging skiddy nappies into the washing machine ritual. The phrase “Like #### to a blanket” never seemed more appropriate. And we coined the phrase “Ro Ro” for one of those more solid presents that skip merrily from the nappy down the loo, without any bowl scraping flushing action involved. (Those that use cloth nappies will know exactly what I mean).

So, what am I saying here? Well, cloth nappies are close to our hearts – metaphorically. Cut4Cloth was started to solve a problem and it will remain an integral part of what Frugi is all about. After all, I owe a great deal to cloth nappies. Without them I wouldn’t be sitting here blogging away to who knows who, discussing poo, the environment and my place in the marital hierarchy.

Yes, cloth nappies have indeed made my life complete 😉




4 thoughts on “Clothes for Cloth Nappies”

  1. What brand of cloth nappies do your little lads wear, Kurt?

    (No, you can’t phone a friend for the answer….!)

  2. Well, the short answer is whatever is to hand. We’ve got every brand in the land kicking around at home somewhere. We are cloth nappy central! However, the current favourites are organic velur Swaddlebees and Bumgenius.

    Now, regarding the phone a friend. Yes, I did have to ask because I refer to them as “This type” and “Those ones” – so I’ve used up one of my lifelines. Do I still have 50 / 50 and ask the audience?

  3. Aha! More nappy tarts!

    Strangely, I have yet to find a man who can actually tell you what type of cloth nappy his child wears. I wonder if it’s something on the Y chromosome? My partner refers to ‘the velcro ones’ (Bumgenius) ‘the fluffy ones’ (Blueberries) ‘the popper ones’ (FuzziBunz)and ‘the only clean one was a difficult one so I used a disposable’ (which is anything requiring a seperate wrap)

  4. Yes, I think that it’s a male thing. Cloth nappies are really interesting and you can get lost in the vast nappisphere, but to me I just pick my favourite out of the heap, and that’s it.
    As Toyah sang, “Don’t wanna be told what to wear, as long as it’s warm who cares?” Or something cloth nappy related like that.

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