Clothes for the Mums…the FISHY ROMPER!

As you are increasing the range of clothes Frugi now makes to encompass mothers (and hopefully fathers too?) would you consider an adult version of the Fishy Romper?  I know that many an adult would want to pad around the house in something as comfortable and cheeky as that!  Well, maybe a romper suit is not quite right, but certainly a t-shirt, or even breastfeeding pjs?

There was something about that romper that the sub romper didn’t have.  The green and yellow were a fantastic stripe combination, the fish motive was very cute, and it just seemed to suit the colourings of lots of children.  My mum certainly said how well our Benjamin looked in that green (we had the crawler dungarees too, it was a green summer!)… loved it!  BRING BACK THE FISHY ROMPER!  Or son of Fishy Romper…

I don’t think I’m alone in my feelings for this garment!


1 thought on “Clothes for the Mums…the FISHY ROMPER!”

  1. I second that – the fishy romper was my introduction to C4C and is my favourite baby garment ever. Really special.


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