Dino Theme Baby Vests

Product Review by Alex C – Frugi Customer & Crusader 
Dino Theme Baby Vests

One of the zillions of facts I didn’t know about babies when I was pregnant. Babies wear vests.  All the time.
And babies dribble, puke, snot and are generally grubby (I think I knew this bit). 

The two facts combined mean that you get through A LOT of vests.

So it’s nice if the vests can be as comfortable and funky as the Frugi dino ones. Like all Frugi clobber, they’re made from organic cotton, by people who skip merrily through fields of buttercups all day and have grapes peeled for them by nubile young assistants.  Or something like that.

More to the point, these are not just any old vests.  These are soft, thick and comfortable (or is that me?).  And they come in a pack of three – a stoney-coloured one, a greeny-coloured one and a sort of bricky-coloured one.  I should work for Dulux.

There’s plenty of wriggle room for cloth-covered rumps, but best of all, they don’t need ironing.  For some reason, they don’t seem to hold wrinkles, regardless of how they’re washed and dried.  I wonder if they could teach me that trick?

Should you be masochistic enough to want to iron them, you’ll find the cute dino picture on the front does not melt and stick to your iron.  Which is nice. 

Any gripes?

A few, but they’re pretty minor. They do shrink a bit (something to do with the organic untreated cotton).  This is allowed for in the sizing though, so don’t be alarmed.

They do fade a bit, too, but to a nice ‘garment wash’ finish, which doesn’t look bad.

If your child is old enough to be dino-obsessed he (or she) might feel a bit disappointed that the dinosaur on his (or her) chest is a gentle herbivore.  No T-Rex here, I’m afraid.  A tip  – don’t reveal your ignorance to your toddler by referring to a Brontosaurus.  It’s an Apatosaurus now, donchaknow. 

And finally, should you commit the cardinal sin of removing your offspring’s cloth nappy and replacing it with a disposable whilst he (or she) is wearing one of these, you’ll find the vest has stretched and the crutch poppers are now somewhere in the vicinity of your child’s knees.  Ahh, another photo opportunity! 

Altogether, though, a good buy.  Goodbye!






4 thoughts on “Dino Theme Baby Vests”

  1. I have to agree with Alex C and her comment about changing nappies while out and about. But I wash everything in cold water and have had no shrinkage in any of the clothes. Also, having an airing cupboard the size of a small bedroom, I dont tumble-dry anything either.

    P.S. I do use bio-degradeable nappies when out & about.

    P.P.S. Whats an ‘iron’? (teehee!)

  2. They are gorgeous fantastic quality vests, BUT they do seem a lot narrower across the chest than all (there are a lot by the way) the other C4C vests I have bought. I make tall slim babies so I just about get away with it but any chunky monkeys may need to bear this in mind.

  3. Oh no I was well chuffed that they seemed narrower across the chest they fit even better now I allways found the vests to be baggy around the top half b4 and they allways slipped of their shoulders.

  4. I’m with Emma – they seem to fit particularly well around the chest and shoulders. But then I seem to make fairly slim babies too (no idea how!)

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