Boys Organic Cotton Explorer Pants

Product Review by Marrisa C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Organic Cotton Explorer Pants

Hi There, Helen I’m giving you a run for your money in navigating the site. I’ve just spent 10 minutes going round and round trying to get back to somewhere that will let me write a review! I’ve been reading the ones so far and really amused by your styles! Here goes mine.I’ve been so excited about receiving the Frugi parcels that I was about to write about the lovely swashbuckler pants! (Received the swashbuckler top you see). Connor (22 months) has been wearing the swashbuckler top and pants today and just as I type (with the catalogue for reference) I’ve realised that they’re ‘not the same range’. Could have fooled me (well you did). Like Alex I’m far from a fashionista, & probably can’t spell it, and I’m never too good at the coordinated thing. In years to come Connor will berate me for the photos with fashion crimes that I show to his various friends. So the first thing about the explorer pants and swashbuckler top is that they do indeed go together. Which is handy.

Stone would not be the usual colour that I’d choose for a grubby explorer like Connor but it’s great, the material is just gorgeous and I’d like some for me too please? It has a nice chunky cotton feel that doesn’t go weird or drag itself clean off ‘the bum’ when wet and muddy in the garden. Last year I shyed away from some natural C4C joggers and got 2 blue and I missed a trick! The explorers are 18-24 & ,maybe as we’ve just moved out of washables, (boo hiss sold my soul to moltex) they are a centimetre or 2 long in the leg at the moment. The bonus is they roll up (& button up to 3/4 length) and growth spurts allowing will last us way past Connors second birthday.  Connors waist does seem to vary between medium ‘pot’, and full blown ‘horse belly’ as we call it. (a memory from childhood of local stables pony Skippy, blowing out his belly so as to make tightening the girth a little tricky!) So for now I do have to tighten the waist cord a bit. (i do like the toggle things on some Explorer zip offs we’ve got).  

So hoorah for the Explorer Pants that are not swashbuckler pants! No down sides.  


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