Greenwash and doing it right

I came across a great little blog posting toady entitled Authenticity and reality and intention

It made me think quite a bit about running a business in an open and honest manner. There seems to be a great deal of “Greenwash” out there, which is confusing for all. (A synic would say that perhaps it’s meant to be confusing?)

Here at Frugi we are trying to do things right. In the end if you try to hoodwink people into believing that you’re something that your not, you’ll get found out…so why bother. On our site we’ve detailed our certification¬†for all to see. How many others have done that and are open to questioning? If if they haven’t then why not?


1 thought on “Greenwash and doing it right”

  1. This is one of the reasons I buy from Frugi (and previously C4C). So many sellers claim to be ‘ethical’ or ‘fairtrade’, when in fact only the cloth OR the labour is. I have a real problem with the possibility that children might be making my child’s clothes. The stupid thing is that a lot of people think buying ‘designer’ is different because it costs more or is seen to be more exclusive. Whether you buy high or low end of the high st, or designer, the clothes will usually be made by the same people on the same wage!
    Frugi are a great example to these retailers, showing it can be done. As for pricing, Frugi is no different to companies like Bonpoint and Petit Bateau – but with better sizing and longevity.

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