Swashbuckler Shorties

Product Review by Deborah P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Swashbuckler Shorts

Today was the nursery outing to Fulham Palace for Barnardo’s “Big Toddle” and George looked fabulous for the occasion in his swashbuckler shorts.  I’d put George in his shorts as they are a fantastic orange colour (the official name is “Burnt Sienna”) and a good weight for a changeable English summer’s day – cool enough if it got warmer and the sun decided to shine and yet warm enough to stop his little leggies getting goosebumps when the wind blew (which of course it did!).  

Well we had a wonderful morning with much money being raised for a good cause. George managed to give his shorties a very thorough testing – he checked on their knee protecting ability by flying off his scooter at high speed – I can report that their length meant a nasty scrape was avoided and the strength and quality of the cotton meant that the shorties were unscathed too!   Not content with risking life and limb on his scooter George then decided that some of the trees needed climbing and the shorties also stood up to a vigorous game of “bundle” with all his other little nursery mates (at this point we could discuss gender issues as the girls calmly picked daisies whilst the boys piled on top of each other but I don’t think that we have enough time…..).  

As George’s mum I also appreciated the fact that I could easily spot him in a big park as the Burnt Sienna colour really stood out from a distance – so I could let him roam free ( I hate being a “helicopter mum”) and yet still keep an eye on him at all times (a win win situation in my book!).

On a practical note George’s shorties are also a great fit (he’s a very tall boy for his age) and wash well  – what more could a mother of a 3 year old ruff ‘n’ tumble merchant want?




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