Boys Swashbuckler Hat

Well, I am feeling inadequate.  It seems I need my eyes tested and have to take a course in reading instructions.   Having now found the ‘write tab’ which I’m convinced wasn’t so obvious when I looked on Friday, I’m now able to let you know what I think of the hat.

Our Benjamin is 18 months old and has always been on the 98th percentile for height, 75th for weight.  He’s a tall, slim, not-so-little fellow with an average size head.  The 2-4 year old hat we got given is a bit of a snug fit!  I’m hoping his head’s not going to grow too much as I don’t like the idea of waste and the hat might not last that long! 

Having said that, it’s a lovely hat!  I love the burnt sienna colour!  I bought the shorts, which have been going down a storm.  We’re in the throws of potty training at the moment and so they are now looking a bit big on him, but at least that means we could potentially use them next year too! 

I also got given the burnt sienna hoodie.  I have to say, I’m not sure Benjamin will ever been seen out wearing the shorts, hoodie and hat (we also have the swashbuckler top, the stripy reverse of the hoodie).  I think it looks as though I’m trying too hard if he was ever that co-ordinated!   The swashbuckler top and shorts though are a great match.  

I also think, contrary to Alex’s comments, that the burnt sienna goes with lots of things.  It’s very good with brown and blue, green..well, anything in our boy’s wardrobe, and what does it matter if it clashes a bit?  Our childminder did say she likes bright colours and stripes because then you can point out the kids in your charge much quicker.  And I wouldn’t want ours to get lost!

I did try the hat on 2 of Benjamin’s little friends, one a week younger than him and one 17 months older…the result was the same – it’s snug!  It might be though that it stretches to accommodate and I just have to wait and see.

On grounds of style though, I do like the hats that have a flap down the back to cover necks when the sun is out.  Benjamin does spend most of his time playing in the garden and that usually means he has his trowel or fork somewhere in the bean or strawberry patch, head down and engrossed in finding worms.  Thus his neck is still exposed with this hat whereas the previous hat (a terribly extravagent ‘Lawrence of Arabia cum old man’s hankie’ style muslin with 2 knots at the front to keep it on his head) covered everything (literally!).

Maybe an elastic band at the back of the hat would have that give to accommodate 2 years of growth?  That’s assuming the hat doesn’t stretch….

I’ll keep thinking!

Many thanks for the hat and hoodie though!  Don’t want to sound ungrateful!



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