The Hoodie

Product Review by Helen S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Swashbuckler Hooded Jumper

Wonderful!  The burnt sienna hoodie is luscious!  And we have been using it quite frequently in this wonderful summer we’re having (ahem ahem!).  We have been buying big so the sleeves are rolled up at present, but that means that we can enjoy it for longer – hurrah!  It’s also kept amazingly clean and dry in the potty training experiments we’ve been doing.  Benjamin’s been running around the garden without trousers/pants/nappy and had this to keep him warm.  He’s managed potty moments and freer waterings and the hoodie has stayed dry and clean  Hurrah!  One less thing to wash!On reading back, I think the overwhelming word for the hoodie is ‘hurrah!’ 


I won’t be putting it with the burnt sienna shorts though as I’ve washed them quite a few times now and the colour has faded, it would look a bit funny, as well as a bit too co-ordinated.  Sometimes I like co-ordination, other times I like that ‘my husband dressed him’ look.

lots of love



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