Explorer Pants

Review by Emma S, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Explorer Pants >

explorer pants

These comfy and adaptable stone coloured trousers go with virtually everything.  A wide elasticated waistband with drawstring ensures a perfect fit for all sizes, and also makes for easy nappy changes or easy removal for potty training toddlers.  Attractive pockets not only look good but are great for older explorers finds- leaves,sticks, flowers, shells, dead crabs!.

The roll up legs, with lovely wooden buttons,  are perfect for paddling or just cooling down and looking cool!  Also found my son could wear them rolled up whilst full leg was still too long, therefore will take him much longer to grow out of them. It is a good job they are made to last, as all Frugi clothes, washing without losing shape or fading and remaining soft.

Great looking, very practical and comfortable all in one, I can’t recommend these trousers highly enough.

Babygrows and other stuff

by Alex C, Frugi Crusader & Customer

Remember that Queen song  – ‘Fat Bottomed Girls (you make the rockin’ world go round)’? 

It always makes me think of babies in cloth nappies – so much so that it’s become one of our regular bedtime warbles. Whether my 1½ year old son appreciates being called a girl is debatable, but thankfully he’s not old enough to object yet.  And the ‘fat bottomed’ moniker is most certainly true – cloth night nappies are bulky.  Very bulky. 

So it’s great that these super-soft babygrows from Frugi can accommodate a bum the size of a small planet.  Babygrows are one of the few items of clothing I’ve found where ‘conventional’ sizing really isn’t up to the cloth nappy challenge.  (Oliver struggles to fit into a conventional babygrow even when he’s wearing a ‘sposie – the poor lad obviously takes after me in the tush-and-thigh department.)   

Like all Frugi gear, they are fantastically well made, from thick, soft organic cotton.  The sizing is generous, but not as mega-generous as some of Frugi’s other clobber.  The poppers are nickel-free, so less likely to cause allergies and skin reactions, as well as not contributing to extremely environmentally destructive nickel mining (see http://www.oxfamamerica.org/whatwedo/where_we_work/camexca/news_publications/art7269.html for more info)

I confess to a personal blind spot when it comes to fastening babygrows– it invariably takes me three attempts to line the poppers up correctly, and in the middle of the night, it’s often just too much trouble.  Sadly, the innovative folks at Frugi have yet to invent a self-poppering babygrow.  They do, however, have kimono-style vests and baby gowns, both of which I wish I’d known about when Oliver was a newborn.

Do your kids read the Frugi Catalogue?

This very cute photo of Isla checking out the Frugi models in the Spring/Summer Catalogue was sent to us by one of our customers… apparently it is her favourite book!

Henri, our e-commerce girl, has also discovered that her nephew is hooked on the catalogue – he regularly picks it up and sits down for a spot of light reading! A cup of tea, a pair of slippers and he’ll be away!! So, we’re wondering if there are any other Frugi children out there who love to read, admire, or even dribble on the Frugi catalogue?! If you have any photos or stories, we’d love you to get in touch!

All the scrummy organic clothes from our Summer Collection are now on sale with 50% off – it’s not too late to request a catalogue and pick up some goodies before the new Autumn Collection comes in. (We think the kids and the grown-ups will love the new Autumn catalogue even more than the Summer one!!)

Songbird dress review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Songbird Dress >

This dress is an instant winner!  My two-year old, for whom any dressing or undressing is a battleground at present, couldn’t get into it quickly enough.  She gave it the big thumbs up for comfort, looks and ease of getting into (but we did have a significant tantrum trying to get her out of it).  I also think it’s marvellous: beautifully soft, easy to wash and really lovely in style.  The pattern is very pretty and the cut works really well – shapely but not so fitted that there’s no room to grow.  Every time Abi’s worn it we’ve had lots of compliments. 

The sizing is generous, as tends to be the Frugi case, so the dress is a still a little long on my taller- and wider-than-average daughter (26 months in a 2-3y dress), but the cut is beautiful so it looks fine, it just needs tucking up when she tackles a climbing frame.

Even from a long-standing and dedicated Frugi-shopper, this has to be one of my all-time favourite Frugi buys.  I might have to buy another for my baby daughter, even though I vowed I’d never dress the girls the same.  And maybe a bigger size one for them to grow into when they’re older…!


Swashbuckler Shorties

Product Review by Emma S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Swashbuckler Shorties >

Lovely long shorts, covering and protecting very vulnerable toddler knees. Waist is loosley elasticated with a drawstring making it perfectly adjustable and very comfortable.

I was originally a bit unsure about the colour as it’s quite unusual and not sure what colours it would go with (apart from Swashbuckler Top!). However was pleased to find it went well with several items in my sons wardrobe not just cream or white!

Has retained shape, softness and colour after many washes.

Great item perfect for very active toddlers (I especially like these for the beach, as they are so easy to take off and put on) and although classed as a ‘Boys’ item think it would also be perfectly suitable for girls, as would the girls version ‘Leapfrogger Shorties’ be perfectly suitable for boys, in fact I think I’ll go and order a pair…….

Swashbuckler Top

Product Review by Emma S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Swashbuckler Top >

Great for summer is this long-sleeved top, lovely bright stripes and turquoise trim, and not too thick for hot days (shame we haven’t had that many!). Was concerned about white stripes with an extremely messy 2 year old however despite being covered in various different substances (including grass, mud, chocolate, bicycle grease) came up clean with only the use of Bio-d (non-bio) washing powder and a bit of eucalyptus on the grease! My son is very comfortable in it, and it’s easy to put on with poppers at neck ( manufacturers don’t seem to consider this with toddlers yet they dislike things being forced over head as much as babies). Still wonderfully soft and hasn’t faded, even after many washes.
Goes really well with Explorer Pants or Swashbuckler Shorties.

Explorer Bootcuts – They’ve Got Even Better!


Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Explorer Bootcuts >

If you think you now what C4C clothing was like, well Frugi gets even better.


These were an item that I received in my Frugi parcel for review.  When I had seen them on the website I hadn’t gone for them as I thought they were almost the same as C4C ones of several seasons ago that I’d picked up in a sale – wrong, these are loads better! 

Having purchased C4C / Frugi clothes for about 4 years now, I’ve seen the same gorgeous cotton and I’ve seen them really learn from previous collections. So if maybe you weren’t totally convinced by some trousers several seasons ago, it’s worth relooking at the new detail. 

Real plus point on these trousers (from the earlier trousers) is the waist, these have a big wide elasticated waistband with a tie so that you can get a great comfortable fit. This means that there is no need for a zipped fly, so they are a breeze to put on and off. . This is something that isn’t evident from the website photos.   

These are really practical everyday canvas trousers – with great pockets! Yes, I know I have a thing about great pockets (I’ve mentioned this with the Leapfrogger Jacket) but I think children need them for that all important something. Then there’s the detail on the pockets, they have a lovely gathering effect and some delicate embroidery to add that girly touch. Extra special is the embroidered bird on the bottom pocket. 

As they are slightly on the long side for my daughter at the moment the roll-up button (another improvement on the trousers of two seasons ago which had poppers – buttons are so much better) helps to make these trousers a better length for her. The roll-up portion of the trousers has a lovely soft green cotton lining which co-ordinates beautifully with the waistband.  This feature does really add to the adaptability of the trousers which will be particularly useful for the summer holiday paddling.  

These are the most versatile trousers she has now and ones that hold up well to a tomboy who just wants to keep up with her brothers. 

Summer shrug – style and versatility

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Pink Banana Hoody >

I’d hesitated before buying this as I wondered if I could justify ‘another cardigan’ for my daughter’s wardrobe, but I am so glad I did!  This shrug is the most fantastic mix-n-match item we’ve got; it goes with almost everything and it’s really easy to put on and off with only one button. 

The style and colour really set it apart from the hundreds of other shrugs on the high street; the fabric retains its shape very well despite repeated washing and the dusky pink is a tasteful, classic shade that is pleasingly feminine without saccharin overtones of Barbie.

Pink banana hooded cardy & pull-ups stripetastic review

Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Pink Banana Hoody >
Stripy Pink Banana Pull-up Trousers >

I love the pink banana range, it’s such a great combination of colours that makes you smile, and the flower on the pocket is a great bold signature.  The fabric is really comfy and the elasticated trousers are really easy to put on.  The cardy has a good chunky zip and one pocket.  My toddler finds them very comfy and loves the stripes – she calls them her Tombliboo trousers in homage to favourite stripey-clad tv characters!

I have treated the hoody as a reversible top because I like the stripes, but you do have to cut out the washing label to do so – perhaps it could go in the pocket on future versions to save having the stump of the label showing?

My daughter has worn the pull-ups much more than the hoody, due to the weather and time of year, but it’s good to note that they still match despite a big disparity in the amount of washing each has had.

My only quibble with these is that it’s very hard to match them with anything else!  They look great with the Frugi gypsy flower tee (I think now discontinued and only left in the sale? But maybe [in hope] there will be another version coming, or even a long-sleeved one?) and ok with a plain white t-shirt, but I’ve had to accept that this is a distinctive outfit that stands alone – the price you pay for an unusual and stylish colour combo!