A road trip with Morrissey

Dear all

Amazingly I prized myself away from my desk, and Gear Farm pasties, and did a little sales trip around Cornwall last week, to some of our lovely Frugi retailers. It was a great day and, although I got a bit lost in the big cities such as Bude and St. Austell, I managed to have a ‘top of my voice’ sing along to Morrissey albums without the associated nagging from the children wishing to have their Cbeebies greatest hits CD on. Oh what joy!

Anyway, it was my first real ‘hands on’ attempt at a salesman’s job and I had quite a laugh. I did go on a bit and get stupidly excited about it all, but that’s just me. My product knowledge was, lets say, adequate but I was learning as I went. Now, Heaven forbid I was in charge of anything to do with running mine or my families life*, but if I had to buy the kids clothes then I’d do quite well. I’d just buy Frugi and bob’s yer Uncle. (I know that I would say that, but it’s honestly never struck me before).

I hadn’t really clocked the way that collections, especially this Winter’s, was all designed to either stand on their own as gorgeous pieces or be put with other Frugi items so that they all coordinate and match. This goes with that top, or those trousers or that skirt. It’s magic when you have a little epiphany such as that.

So, I learnt a lot. I learnt that Frugi retailers are a really hospitable bunch, I learnt that our collections have even more thought put into them than I imagined and I learnt that finding the ‘next left, past the pub, around the roundabout and second on the right’ is best accomplished by turning The Smiths down – just a tad – so that concentration is possible.


*My lovely wife, Lucy, take care of all decisions.

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