Baby Gown

Product Review by Emma S – Frugi Customer & Crusader
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This was the first Cut4cloth/Frugi item I purchased, I was so pleased to find something that would last for a whole 6 months!

In gorgeously soft organic cotton, perfect for delicate skin and suitable for both boys and girls (they look so cute in a gown). Sleeves folded nicely to make them just the right length for babies arms as they grew.  Poppers at neck made it easy to put on without causing distress. The best thing though is the elasticated bottom which is just fantastic for half-asleep-bleary-eyed-dimly-lit  nightime nappy changes, when doing up poppers on a babygrow is akin to ‘The Krypton Factor’.

My son has long grown out of this item (he’s now 2) although it fitted for longer than 6 months and still looks/feels as good as new.  However I have not forgotten how great (and helpful) this item is and it has become my favourite gift to give new parents, and they have been equally impressed.

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