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Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader
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We used babygowns all the time for my first daughter after my husband discovered the concept.  What a fantastic idea of somebody’s to make middle-of-the-night changes quick and easy without compromising on baby’s snugness.

Two-years later our first set of Cut4Cloth babygowns are still going strong with daughter #2, and we’ve added to the collection with each year’s new model!  All 3 versions we’ve got are all beautifully soft and cosy and have washed and worn well. 

Interestingly, the sizing has changed over the 3 models: each new version has got longer, with longer arms, whilst the width has stayed pretty similar.  The long sleeve-length is presumably to make it easier to use the built-in scratch-mitts, but I confess I’ve never bothered with them after the first 2 weeks with my first-born.  In length, the 2006 model is getting a bit short for my 12 week old now, whereas the 2008 one still swamps her.  For me, the early and middle versions are preferable, as I think babygowns really earn their existence at the point when you’re doing the most night changes and we’re more or less past them now.  I also like the middling one of my collection for it’s safari animal print.  The plain undyed, unbleached cotton looks frightfully eco-friendly and is gender neutral for those who want to hedge their bets for future siblings or do their shopping before they know baby’s sex, but it does lack the cute-and-stylish factor that I usually associate with Frugi outfits.  My mother made unflattering comments about Romanian orphanages (before she felt the snugness and appreciated the practical merits)!

So all in all, I find babygowns comfy, practical, snug and a winner for persuading hubby to do his bit in the night, but I do revert to a pretty babygro for my daughter when expecting visitors to see her in her boudoir!

Author: Joy P

Joy is Mum to Abigail, 2 and Lucy, 3 months. When not on maternity leave she works as a freelance business psychologist. She likes food, music, gardening and shopping and is committed to fair-trade and planet-friendly approaches. Joy is a post-natal supporter for the NCT and a fan of independent midwives.

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