Babygrows and other stuff

by Alex C, Frugi Crusader & Customer

Remember that Queen song  – ‘Fat Bottomed Girls (you make the rockin’ world go round)’? 

It always makes me think of babies in cloth nappies – so much so that it’s become one of our regular bedtime warbles. Whether my 1½ year old son appreciates being called a girl is debatable, but thankfully he’s not old enough to object yet.  And the ‘fat bottomed’ moniker is most certainly true – cloth night nappies are bulky.  Very bulky. 

So it’s great that these super-soft babygrows from Frugi can accommodate a bum the size of a small planet.  Babygrows are one of the few items of clothing I’ve found where ‘conventional’ sizing really isn’t up to the cloth nappy challenge.  (Oliver struggles to fit into a conventional babygrow even when he’s wearing a ‘sposie – the poor lad obviously takes after me in the tush-and-thigh department.)   

Like all Frugi gear, they are fantastically well made, from thick, soft organic cotton.  The sizing is generous, but not as mega-generous as some of Frugi’s other clobber.  The poppers are nickel-free, so less likely to cause allergies and skin reactions, as well as not contributing to extremely environmentally destructive nickel mining (see for more info)

I confess to a personal blind spot when it comes to fastening babygrows– it invariably takes me three attempts to line the poppers up correctly, and in the middle of the night, it’s often just too much trouble.  Sadly, the innovative folks at Frugi have yet to invent a self-poppering babygrow.  They do, however, have kimono-style vests and baby gowns, both of which I wish I’d known about when Oliver was a newborn.

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