Blue for a girl… reviewing the Leapfrogger Hoody

Product Review by Diana E – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Let’s not beat about the bush, the Leapfrogger Hoody for girls is indeed BLUE. “Oh”, you say politely, “how refreshing to see a little girl not in pink!” – but do you really mean that? Isn’t it easier to colour code your children, not least for the benefit of short-sighted grannies who peer into your buggy to inspect your offspring? Well let me tell you I love this top on my little girl! I myself wear a lot of blue because I like to think it brings out my blue eyes and the same is true for my daughter. The Leapfrogger “eggshell” blue manages to be pretty and flattering for little girls, especially as the colour goes so well with the dusky pink of Frugi’s other clothes in the summer collection (and incidentally also the Tangle Twine clothes from a previous season). Yes, I have often put this hoody over a dress or added a sunhat with touches of pink or lavender to emphasise the feminine. But I do think it’s a lovely top as I am determined not to turn my little girl into Princess Pink at such an early age!

I wish I could find more unisex clothing, well having a boy and a girl I would say that wouldn’t I? In that vein I do think that this eggshell blue, and also the burnt sienna of the Swashbuckler Hoody are both fantastic unisex colours and I think Frugi seriously missed a trick by not marketing them as such. If I were on the Frugi team (hee hee, hark at me!) I would have photographed boys and girls in both colours, and I would have designed hats or different coloured T-shirts (or just T-shirts with coloured edging) to go underneath that were more gender specific so that parents of boys and girls could use the main items of clothing on all their kids and buy a few cheaper items to make the clothes more girly or boyish if so desired.

My other reservation with the top is that the hood is VERY large for my 5 month old, it may be more in proportion for larger sizes but I’ve found that my baby girl just seems to disappear in it or she pulls it round into her mouth for chewing and frankly I’d rather she chewed on the much cheaper muslins I try to press into her little fist!

But in the final analysis it comes down to the quality which is outstanding, the jacket is warm, soft, and washes brilliantly (no need to iron – yippee!), it’s lush and I’d wrap it up and give it to my best friend if she had a daughter for a scrummy babymoon present (if I was done with it of course)!

2 thoughts on “Blue for a girl… reviewing the Leapfrogger Hoody”

  1. Totally agree about the lovely colour – really nice for both boys and girls, and a nice Spring/Summer colour – the Swashbuckler hoodie in burnt sienna is more Autumn/Winter, IMHO.

  2. I bought it in burnt sienna for my daughter. I love that these clothes are well-designed, hardwearing and above all, well-made. I also love that they don’t have fiddly washing directions and I can tumbledry if I need it in a hurry. For us, this is one of her must-have items when we visit family – great for a summer’s evening or just as the weather is getting colder. The other great thing for us is fit – the amount of times I have bought items from other companies that don’t fit after a short period – and yet all C4C and Frugi items are usually still being worn a month or two beyond the age on the label. I will buy this brand time and again, it NEVER lets me down and the customer service is outstanding.

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