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Frugi Vests Are The Best! That is the Truth, which we Crusaders shall proclaim throughout the land, taking our message far and wide – to bumps and babies groups, storytime at the library, Nappucino coffee mornings at the local church… In style and quality they’re streets ahead of any others I’ve found in the ever-growing market of ethical baby gear. And this Dino-themed 3-pack is no exception.

Look at them: they’re gorgeous as ever, in smart, stylish colours, decorated with rather lovely dino drawings. Feel them: thick, soft, sumptuous cotton that’s just snuggly to cuddle. Cuddle your babe in them, rejoicing in the knowledge that the fabric is neither blemished by unethical work practices nor tainted with toxins.

Now ‘sumptuous’ is an over-used word in baby clothes catalogues, but Frugi can use it with justification. The cotton is just yummy – rich and luxurious, comfy and cuddly. And it stays that way after many a wash.  For me the only problem with Frugi clothes is that I can get too precious about them, sometimes want to rein my nearly-two-year-old in when he’s wearing them, as I’d really rather he didn’t smear them with yoghurt, soak them in juice, scribble on them with felt pens or wipe his snot on them. But I really shouldn’t worry, they wash wonderfully well and retain their ‘sumptiousness’ until they’re grown out of.

This makes for great every-day wear. The whole dino range is much admired and they’re just perfect, fun, comfy clothes to live and learn and play in. AND, as a direct result of these clothes, my boy can now say the word “Di no SORE”. Fantastic! My favourite is the brick red with the… mmm, don’t yet know what type of dino but I’m sure my son will teach me soon. He wears this every moment that it’s not in the wash.

For me, certain Frugi clothes define particular stages of my son’s life. If I picture him at just a few months old — bald head, curious, starting to smile and share jokes with his granny — I always imagine him in his cute green froggy top. I’m sure when I look back and think of my nearly-two-year-old — curly hair, dancing to reggae, starting to speak — I’ll picture him playing in his brick-red dino vest.

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  1. It’s a stegosaur – I think! As ‘little steggy’ is what my (geologist) partner calls our son when he’s wearing this.

    These are my favourite items of Frugi clothing – if I could choose just one thing, I’d choose these.

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