Explorer Bootcuts – They’ve Got Even Better!


Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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If you think you now what C4C clothing was like, well Frugi gets even better.


These were an item that I received in my Frugi parcel for review.  When I had seen them on the website I hadn’t gone for them as I thought they were almost the same as C4C ones of several seasons ago that I’d picked up in a sale – wrong, these are loads better! 

Having purchased C4C / Frugi clothes for about 4 years now, I’ve seen the same gorgeous cotton and I’ve seen them really learn from previous collections. So if maybe you weren’t totally convinced by some trousers several seasons ago, it’s worth relooking at the new detail. 

Real plus point on these trousers (from the earlier trousers) is the waist, these have a big wide elasticated waistband with a tie so that you can get a great comfortable fit. This means that there is no need for a zipped fly, so they are a breeze to put on and off. . This is something that isn’t evident from the website photos.   

These are really practical everyday canvas trousers – with great pockets! Yes, I know I have a thing about great pockets (I’ve mentioned this with the Leapfrogger Jacket) but I think children need them for that all important something. Then there’s the detail on the pockets, they have a lovely gathering effect and some delicate embroidery to add that girly touch. Extra special is the embroidered bird on the bottom pocket. 

As they are slightly on the long side for my daughter at the moment the roll-up button (another improvement on the trousers of two seasons ago which had poppers – buttons are so much better) helps to make these trousers a better length for her. The roll-up portion of the trousers has a lovely soft green cotton lining which co-ordinates beautifully with the waistband.  This feature does really add to the adaptability of the trousers which will be particularly useful for the summer holiday paddling.  

These are the most versatile trousers she has now and ones that hold up well to a tomboy who just wants to keep up with her brothers. 

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