Do your kids read the Frugi Catalogue?

This very cute photo of Isla checking out the Frugi models in the Spring/Summer Catalogue was sent to us by one of our customers… apparently it is her favourite book!

Henri, our e-commerce girl, has also discovered that her nephew is hooked on the catalogue – he regularly picks it up and sits down for a spot of light reading! A cup of tea, a pair of slippers and he’ll be away!! So, we’re wondering if there are any other Frugi children out there who love to read, admire, or even dribble on the Frugi catalogue?! If you have any photos or stories, we’d love you to get in touch!

All the scrummy organic clothes from our Summer Collection are now on sale with 50% off – it’s not too late to request a catalogue and pick up some goodies before the new Autumn Collection comes in. (We think the kids and the grown-ups will love the new Autumn catalogue even more than the Summer one!!)

1 thought on “Do your kids read the Frugi Catalogue?”

  1. Too cute!
    My kids don’t get anywhere near the Frugi catalogue though – I always hog it for myself!

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