Frugi for older children??

Help!! My oldest daughter who is a very small six year old will very soon be past the stage where I can possibly stuff her into your size 4 clothes. Although out of cloth nappies for quite some time we have being squeezing her into your size 4 clothes for as long as possible for so many reasons…Organic cotton, ethically manufactured, sturdy, durable, well thought out clothes with a conscience as well as just plain lovely designs!

Now I understand that teenagers might have their own ideas about what they like to wear, but why, when a customer has been faithfully buying your clothes for 4 years are they suddenly shut out in the cold once their child gets past size 4? I look at the pictures of your smiling factory workers and their happy schooled children in your catalgue and I think to myself “Why can’t they make clothes for my older child too?” (the factory workers that is, not the children in school!). Surely you could consider a range up to, say, size 12 (and then we could have this discussion again in 6 years!)?? People need to get past the idea that organic and ethically produced clothes are only necessary for babies – there are so many reasons to buy (and make) them for everyone in the family. I haven’t found any other company as ethically responsible as yours and am at a loss at what do do that doesn’t involve somehow trying to stunt my daughters growth!

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  1. Fear not my friend!! This Autumn we’re going up to 6 yrs, and all things going well, we’ll be increasing the age range again.

    We like to know what we’re doing before we rush into things, that way we can be a little more confident that our children’s clothes will fit better and be more appealing to both the parents and children themselves. None of us here have children older than 7yrs – so when it comes to what 10 year olds like to wear, we’re a little ignorant! But there are plenty of 5-6 year olds amongst the collective offspring of Team Frugi so you can relax knowing that there will definitely be something for the older ones in the next collection!

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