Frugi Rompers – let me count the ways I love you

Product Review by Deborah P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Leapfrogger Baby Romper

Can I raise a virtual glass and toast the clever Frugi people for their lovely rompers?  My little girl has 2 different styles and looks beautiful in each one.  Baby girls clothes can often be a pink overload and Frugi manages to strike the balance right – enough pink so that well meaning strangers don’t ask how old your little “boy” is in the park and yet not so much that you feel like you’ve given birth to a mini barbie! 

Molly’s most recent romper is the Leapfrogger in Dusty Rose with a Natural Stripe.  The Rose is a fabulous colour and the front pocket (a 5 month old can never have enough pockets don’t you know?) is a slightly different muted shade of pink which looks great.  The Leapfrogger Romper design is also a classic – stripes will never go out of fashion and I love the small sprig of flowers detail on the back that Molly will be able to show off once she gets mobile and crawls.  

The simplicity of the Romper design is also a marvel for those days when sleep deprivation prevents more complicated outfits that require colour co-ordination  (or for when Molly’s Dad is dressing her) – We can simply put her in a Romper and know she will look great.  If the day turns out hot she’ll stay nice and cool in her Romper and if the weather is colder then the Romper looks great with tights and a cardie too. 

The sizing is also a winner as it’s on the generous size so Molly will get quite a few months wear before I pass it onto my extremely lucky niece.  Last, but by no means least, the cotton the Rompers are made off is unbelieveably soft – comfy for Molly but also lovely for me as I can enjoy cuddling her even more when she’s wrapped up in yummy organic cotton.  Mmmmmmmm let me see –  I make that at least 6 different reasons to love a Frugi Romper – better make that a virtual bottle for my toast rather than just one glass!

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