Hug a Hoodie!

Product Review by Alex C – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Boys Swashbuckler Hoody 

I’ll admit to more than a little scepticism when David Cameron exhorted us to ‘hug a hoodie’ in an attempt to combat anti-social behaviour whilst grabbing a few headlines.  Personally, I find yoofs hanging around in shopping centres, wearing hoodies over baseball caps perplexing and deeply un-huggable.  

Thankfully, my very own yoof, Oliver (1½) doesn’t have an ASBO – yet.  And the Swashbuckler hoodie makes him very huggable indeed. 

Like all Frugi clobber, it’s a bit of an Andrex garment – soft, strong and long.  The lovely cotton jersey is super-soft, and washes like a dream, requiring little or no ironing.  The pockets on the outside give me somewhere to store a tissue – a bonus as Oliver’s nose seems to stream constantly (I keep telling myself it’s because his immune system is developing).  And to top it all, the zip is nicely robust and easy to do up, even for a klutz like me.

The sizing is generous – Ol’s dimensions are 50th centile average but he’ll be able to wear his 12-18-months-young hoodie until he’s at least two.  Altogether, a lovely piece of clothing – fantastic quality fabric, well-made, well-styled and versatile. 

Never content to just wax lyrical, however, I feel that in the interests of my journalistic credibility I ought to make a couple of constructive criticisms.  (Opinionated, moi?!) 

The first is that I wonder if the lovely Frugi people missed a trick with this when they didn’t make it reversible.  The stripey lining just begs to be shown off, and surely reversibility is easily achieved – just sew the labels in the pockets?  (I say this without the faintest idea of what I’m actually talking about, of course.)

The second is that I tend to think of the colour – ‘burnt sienna’ – as very autumnal, yet this hoodie is starring in Frugi’s Spring/Summer collection.  As previously mentioned, Ol will still be wearing this in the autumn, so that’s not a problem.  And it means it will make a great buy in the end-of-season sale!  But if you’re not a fan of earth tones, why not check out the Leapfrogger hoodie, which is a gorgeous shade of aqua and as summery as a sprig of mint in a glass of Pimms.  It’s marketed in the girls’ section of the current catalogue, but it would look just as good on a boy.   

So perhaps Mr Cameron was right after all – hoodies can be hugged.  Frugi proves it!







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