Leapfrogger Hoody – Great Pockets!

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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It’s a lovely stage when your toddler realises the wonder of putting things in their pockets, getting them out again and yes putting them back (and on and on). Granted, it adds to journey times, can be annoying when you realize what you’ve added to the wash or what you find in the pockets, but is priceless for the opportunity to witness the joy and wonder on their faces.

I’ve also got the Pink Banana Hooded Cardigan which is another favourite of ours, but these pockets hold more. 

First thing I noticed when I got this top was ‘great pockets’. That was probably because I take for granted that Frugi’s clothing is always super soft, beautifully made and has great attention to the detail that children and parents love. Eggshell blue has to be one of my favourite colours (isn’t it just a lovely name for a colour) so was an easy choice.

The fit is really good, not baggy round the middle as some jackets can be. Zip is a nice sturdy zip, nothing fiddly there so it is as it says on the site easy to throw on the fastest moving child – which my one is when she gets wind of the fact that her brothers are going out or something exciting is going on. 

The hood has come in very useful with the unexpected turns of the English weather. 

No downsides, just a really great hoody which will wash and wash and still look great. And let’s not forget those pockets!

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