Nursing Wear – Henley Top – Go On… You’re Both Worth It!

Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader

Henley Breastfeeding Top

I’d dithered for ages, can I really justify it, would I get much wear out of it – you know how it goes. With three children there always seems to be more pressing demands on my money and I know I also find their clothes so much more interesting and gorgeous than my own. I also have to admit that I love the comments when someone says ‘oh don’t they look gorgeous’.

Well, I finally went for it and bought a Frugi Henley top (I went for that one as despite the additional cleavage scoop necks just don’t suit me) – my big frustration having bought it was ‘why did I wait so long!’ (21 months in to breastfeeding and now I buy it!) 

My first impression when putting it on in the morning was ‘Wow’ So So Soft. I finally had a taste of how my children must feel when they put their C4C / Frugi clothes on and as they say it felt good. It was kind of the sensation of a lovely warm towel after a nice bath. A real organic person I have lots of other organic clothes and this was by far the softest. Positive start then, as the day went on I liked it more and more. It felt comfortable to wear, looked so unlike what I associate with a breastfeeding top. What I really liked was the fact that it was long enough to cover over my jeans (I hate low rise jeans! anyone else with me there? particularly not attractive when people wear them with thongs or am I just getting old) Builders bottom scenario is not attractive anywhere let alone at a toddler class.  

Anyway, keeping on track the other things I liked are the colour, I love the contrasting underlayer. I’ve tried other nursing tops before that had just the layer in the front or poppers / buttons at the front. This is a whole lot easier having a second layer – which is a great way of ensuring that your midriff stays warm (nice to know if feeding on a bench outside in the cold) I did have a mum-brain moment the first time I used it, but got past that bit quickly.

It’s now reached favourite top in my wardrobe status and will be used for ages after my little one decides she’s had enough (which doesn’t look like any time soon as she’s very attached to it!)    

The thought that came to mind having worn the top was that really cheesy advert ‘****, because you’re worth it. Well, in this case I’d say Frugi Organic – treat your children and yourself … because you really are both worth it!



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