Pretty and Practical – Girls Explorer Bootcuts

Product Review by Natasha R – Frugi Customer & Crusader
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I want my two year old to be able to run, jump and climb. To be able to garden, fingerpaint, and roll down hills without clothing that restricts her or gets in the way. My two year old, however, wants to look like a princess. Generally this involves some form of pink. Frills have (thankfully) been found not necessary (probably because they can get a bit itchy) but floral emblems or something else “pretty” are essential. Despite the lack of pink (or in my case, maybe because of it) the Explorer Bootcuts satisfy both of us.

An extreamly versatile item of clothing, you can button up the cuffs for summer to make them three-quarter length or leave them long for colder days. They have an elasticised waist that also has a drawstring. This means you can adjust the size of the waist to fit your child and tie it up, but then your child can slip the pants on and off without undoing or doing up the drawstring like they would track suit pants. Easy access that is essential during toilet training. No difficult zips or buttons means that your little one will be able to feel proud of dressing herself. Lots of pockets for storing treasures, generous sizing. They are made from a soft but strong canvas that washes well in a delicate pale green that teams well with pink and they have that all important flower motif.

One detail I love is the buttons on the cuffs which are made from wood rather than plastic. A very classy touch, and better for the environment. The green colour itself is also quite elegant. Understated and neutral it comes across as stylish and quite chic without uncessary sophistication. Oh, and did I mention, it goes well with pink?

We teamed these pants with the girls reversible hat which is made from the same canvas material with a dusty pink lining. You can also wear it with the Romany Stripe top in pink which obligingly has pale green trimmings on the cuffs and neck that tie the whole outfit together.

All up, a fantastic addition to the wardrobe, practical and comfortable, pretty and elegant. In fact, so nice that I can’t quite bring myslelf to let her fingerpaint in them just yet, but they’ve been great for rolling down hills in!

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