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Product Review by Joy P – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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This dress is an instant winner!  My two-year old, for whom any dressing or undressing is a battleground at present, couldn’t get into it quickly enough.  She gave it the big thumbs up for comfort, looks and ease of getting into (but we did have a significant tantrum trying to get her out of it).  I also think it’s marvellous: beautifully soft, easy to wash and really lovely in style.  The pattern is very pretty and the cut works really well – shapely but not so fitted that there’s no room to grow.  Every time Abi’s worn it we’ve had lots of compliments. 

The sizing is generous, as tends to be the Frugi case, so the dress is a still a little long on my taller- and wider-than-average daughter (26 months in a 2-3y dress), but the cut is beautiful so it looks fine, it just needs tucking up when she tackles a climbing frame.

Even from a long-standing and dedicated Frugi-shopper, this has to be one of my all-time favourite Frugi buys.  I might have to buy another for my baby daughter, even though I vowed I’d never dress the girls the same.  And maybe a bigger size one for them to grow into when they’re older…!


Author: Joy P

Joy is Mum to Abigail, 2 and Lucy, 3 months. When not on maternity leave she works as a freelance business psychologist. She likes food, music, gardening and shopping and is committed to fair-trade and planet-friendly approaches. Joy is a post-natal supporter for the NCT and a fan of independent midwives.

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  1. I agree with all of the above, and i have actually bought the next size up as could not resist now it has gone into sale,

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