Swashbuckler Shorties

Product Review by Emma S – Frugi Customer & Crusader

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Lovely long shorts, covering and protecting very vulnerable toddler knees. Waist is loosley elasticated with a drawstring making it perfectly adjustable and very comfortable.

I was originally a bit unsure about the colour as it’s quite unusual and not sure what colours it would go with (apart from Swashbuckler Top!). However was pleased to find it went well with several items in my sons wardrobe not just cream or white!

Has retained shape, softness and colour after many washes.

Great item perfect for very active toddlers (I especially like these for the beach, as they are so easy to take off and put on) and although classed as a ‘Boys’ item think it would also be perfectly suitable for girls, as would the girls version ‘Leapfrogger Shorties’ be perfectly suitable for boys, in fact I think I’ll go and order a pair…….

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  1. Agree about the Leapfrogger shorties being good for boys too – I do hope people aren’t put off buying ‘girls’ clothes for boys and vice-versa.

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