The hunt for Frugi Crusaders is back on….

We’re searching high and low for five new Frugi Crusaders to join the quest! 

Crusaders will be treated to some free Frugi outfits and a Frugi discount for life. All we’re asking in return is that you help us out a bit by reviewing some of the clothes and helping to spread the Frugi word!

Just drop us an email (by Thursday, September 4th) and tell us a little bit about yourself…. 

Your name, how many children you have, where you live, why you love Frugi and that sort of thing would be a good start… Other things you might mention could include what schools or playgroups your family is involved with, where you shop, which parenting magazines or newspapers you read, how ‘green’ you are and where you go on holiday. Or, more random things like whether you prefer carrot cake or a good ol’ victoria sponge. Basically, you can scribble away to your heart’s content!We’ll let you know by email on September 8th if you’ve been picked or not!

ps. If you already wrote to us last time we were looking for crusaders, you don’t need to re-apply, unless you really want to!!


Tumble Twist Smock Top – a Shreaking Favourite!

Girls Smock Top
(Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader)

A mega mega hit with my little girl!
Girl\'s Tumble Twist Smock Top
If I’d had a camera on me at the precise moment my little girl saw this top it would have been priceless, you would also need to have turned your volume down as the shriek of sheer delight was very high pitched and loud. The whole of her face lit up with joy at this lovely top, beaming as she held it up against herself.  When she put it on one of the first things she did was to twirl round and round, her top joining in too as being a smock top there is lots of material.   

I love the gorgeously soft organic cotton, colour, design and cut of the top (it covers the top of trousers really well)  It is also a top that looks really gorgeous without you having to try, yet importantly is really practical and will take the rough and tumble of play. 

When I saw the top on the website it was straight away one of my favourites as I’d just loved the Boho short sleeved top from the Tangle Twine collection, but this an improvement on that!  Thank you Frugi!

Tip for the sale.. Girl’s Explorer Bootcuts

Alex’s great post re the Dino Tee got me thinking about my top tip of items from the sale collection.

Well my favourite item from the summer collection has been the Explorer Bootcuts.  I sang their praises in an earlier blog and now having used and used and washed and washed I still think they are fantastic – so much so I now have several pairs and some in next sizes up. Yep, I do like them that much! Just pull them on and go …

They’ll be great seeing me into autumn, I’ve also been wearing them with the Tumble Twist Smock Top from the new collection.  Don’t know whether they co-ordinate perfectly as that’s not my forte but I liked the ready to play outfit.

Hope this helps, I’d be interested to hear other peoples favourite items.

Helen H
(Frugi Customer & Crusader)

Autumn/Winter catalogue

Just thought I’d drop the team a note to say congrats on the new catalogue.  I don’t just mean the collection (though that’s pretty darn good) – I mean the catalogue itself.

I think Lucy’s article about buying less, but better – of everything – was superb.  So true – and as she says, a quick look at popular culture shows that people are picking up on this.

I really liked the acknowledgement of other Cornish businesses too – the huge Fatsacs and the Ugg-like boots.  When I read this catalogue, I feel I actually know something about the people behind it – you are not a faceless corporation, you’re a family, just like us.  What about a group photo in the next catalogue – I’d like to see what Henri, Rose, Lauren and all the others look like!

Dino Tee

Dino Tee
Product Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Two words – BUY THIS.  No, make that three – BUY THIS NOW (there are only a few left in the sale – snap them up). 
Dino Tee


This tee-shirt, is, in my humble opinion, one of the best items of clothing ever produced by Frugi.  Which means it’s one of the best items of clothing ever produced, full stop. 

Where to start?  Well the catalogue doesn’t really do it justice – the little visual joke of the dino winding its way round your child’s tummy can’t be captured on a photograph.  It’s a nice greeny colour which goes with lots of things, and the poppers on the neck (or even the “poopers” which is what I typed before I spell-checked this article) mean it can be thrown on a young wriggler very easily. 

The lovely soft cotton is comfortable and irons well, if you’re an ironing sort of person. You don’t have to be – any little wrinkles will drop out with use.  (Why can’t my face learn that trick?).  As the cotton is good quality, I think it will probably give more sun protection than cheaper, thinner fabrics, but please don’t test this theory out and barbeque your bub. 

I particularly like the fact that this tee is smart enough and unusual enough to impress (Granny, other mums, the scary health visitor) but casual enough that it doesn’t look like you’ve tried that little bit too hard.  Oliver will be wearing this tee to a birthday party on Saturday, and I guarantee I’ll be asked about it at least half a dozen times. 

Well done Frugi!

Explorer Pants

Explorer Pants – a thumbs down
Product Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Groucho Marx once famously said:  “These are my principles.  But if you don’t like them, I have others.”

Well, the time has come for the lovely people at Frugi to show how principled they are.  Will they allow this Crusader a free voice on this blog, even if it means losing a few sales? 

Because the awful truth is, I don’t like these trousers. 

Don’t get me wrong.  They are beautifully made, of super-soft organic cotton and I know that my bub, Oliver, is extremely comfortable in them.  They wash, dry and iron well (although see note on buttons below) and in fact they are my partner’s favourite item of clothing (for our son, that is – I don’t think Dave could squeeze in to them himself). 

So where’s the bad? 

Well, comfortable is one thing.  Baggy and shapeless is quite another, and I think these veer towards that.  Even Oli’s most voluminous nappies can’t fill the cut for cloth styling of these trousers, so they just hang.  When they’re buttoned to ¾ length, the softness of the fabric means that the inside leg (ie the opposite side to the button) tends to unroll and hang down, giving a curiously lop-sided look – this is noticeable even on the catalogue photo of the product. 

Then there’s the buttons.  They’re made of wood, which looks fantastic – much nicer than plastic.  But they are an absolute bugger to fasten and unfasten.  I’ll admit to being a bit cack-handed, but I find these buttons a real struggle.  So much so that I have to decide BEFORE dressing Oliver whether I want the trews to be full-length or ¾ length and turn them up if necessary before I put them on him, because he won’t stay still whilst I faff with the length when he’s wearing them.  Even unbuttoning them to put them in the wash takes me five minutes! 

And talking about the wash, the buttons fall down a bit there, too.  I found the stain used on the wood leached onto the fabric during washing, and a small area around each button is now faintly yellow (a bit like a curry stain, actually, which is what I thought it was at first – Oliver being partial to the remains of our Friday night takeway). 

If you’re reading this, it obviously means the Frugi crew ARE principled and vigorously espouse freedom of speech!  So don’t turn your back on them – this is the first product of theirs I can’t recommend.  Try the Explorer zip-offs instead, or the gorgeous cords from the new range. 



I was having a wonderful conversation with Tom, my 5 year old son last night. We were telling each other that we loved our family and each other. Aaaaahhh…

Amongst the topics that we were discussing was the day he came into this world. I explained that, as Lucy had a home birth in a pool, it was in our old living room. That I was there, and Nannie and some special nurses.

It was quite a touching little chat.

Tom pondered, paused and replied with some excitement,  “Was that the day you got Cbeebies?”

I awoke from my daze of paternal bonding and said, “Yes”. His logic was pure and, in a way, he was correct.

Don’t you just love children?


Cloth Nappies

Yep, we’re talking about cloth nappies again! It’s a good topic for us, and we can waffle on about it for hours… They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re economical too. That’s why we love them.

We’ve found a few good websites full of information about all the different types of cloth nappies out there: poppered nappies, pre-folds, pocket nappies, fitted…. the list goes on and the jargon is endless. So, here’s one such website, a good ol’ blog that’ll help make sense of some of the cloth nappy labyrinth – has loads of helpful hints and generally makes things a little bit clearer on the eco-front.

We’re starting a section on the Frugi website for all Lucy’s Rants – she always has something to say about all things eco (in fact, she generally has something to say on anything and trying to get a word in is pretty impossible!) but in her cloth nappies vs disposable nappies rant you’ll find plenty of facts and figures that’ll make the decision of whether to go down the cloth or disposable nappy route a bit easier!

If you’re already a cloth nappy addict, let us know your favourites…

And in to Autumn we go….

Frugi Autumn Collection
Just as you thought all was quiet on the Frugi Blog front, here we are again, blogging away! With the summer sale in full swing we didn’t have time to write away here as we usually do.

So, what’s the latest? Well… the Autumn Collection is now available online. Our biggest collection yet, with most items coming in 2 different colourways, it’s full of organic cotton loveliness! Have a look at the collections online or request a catalogue at

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