And in to Autumn we go….

Frugi Autumn Collection
Just as you thought all was quiet on the Frugi Blog front, here we are again, blogging away! With the summer sale in full swing we didn’t have time to write away here as we usually do.

So, what’s the latest? Well… the Autumn Collection is now available online. Our biggest collection yet, with most items coming in 2 different colourways, it’s full of organic cotton loveliness! Have a look at the collections online or request a catalogue at

Organic Baby Clothes Boys Clothes Girls Clothes 

2 thoughts on “And in to Autumn we go….”

  1. Congratulations on a fabulous collection!! Of course I had to go and check it out right away and I am completely blown away by the beautiful things there. My favourite picks are the stripey playday tunics for the girls. They look so comfortable and easy to wear. I just love those clothes where you only have to pull one thing on to be completely dressed. Easy, stress free, but at the same time original and smart looking.
    The baby stuff is also stunning. I love the “Owl and the Pussycat” poem and have always recited it to my kids so I was really taken by all the themed gear for babies. The “Pea Green Boat” bodies are just adorable! Also the “Pussycat Dungies” and “Pea Green Boat Dungies” are impossibly cute. On top of one of the long sleeved bodies from the three pack these would make those sort of smart and comfortable outfits that get worn time and time again. “Piggywig Top” also – to cute for words!
    The Creepy Crawler top and cord combats are my favourite for the boys. And finally those long awaited larger sizes for my older kids. I could spend an awful lot of money here….but I have just put in a big order in the great sale section so I am trying to be responsible… Too much fantastic stuff!!
    What are everyone else’s favourites for winter?

  2. Received my catalogue at the weekend, and was very impressed. I’m looking in the baby section for Oliver and I particularly liked the Owl and the Pussycat themed bodies and the gorgeous cords in teal and brown. And I almost wish I had a girl as the tunic dresses look so great – I predict these will be your winter bestseller. Do let me know if I’m right!

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