Autumn/Winter catalogue

Just thought I’d drop the team a note to say congrats on the new catalogue.  I don’t just mean the collection (though that’s pretty darn good) – I mean the catalogue itself.

I think Lucy’s article about buying less, but better – of everything – was superb.  So true – and as she says, a quick look at popular culture shows that people are picking up on this.

I really liked the acknowledgement of other Cornish businesses too – the huge Fatsacs and the Ugg-like boots.  When I read this catalogue, I feel I actually know something about the people behind it – you are not a faceless corporation, you’re a family, just like us.  What about a group photo in the next catalogue – I’d like to see what Henri, Rose, Lauren and all the others look like!

3 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter catalogue”

  1. I completely agree! The new catalogue is just gorgeous and I also love the fact they are supporting other businesses too.

    No other clothes I have purchased (organic or otherwise) have worn and washed so well. I have every confidence that they will last to be passed onto my son’s cousin who is 5 months younger and again to family/friends.

  2. And as well as all that you can be confident in the sizing-if anything they are even more generously sized rather than the opposite.I have clothes for my now 4 year old in size 3-4 that he will be wearing for yonks yet!

  3. Frugi have excelled themselves with the new catalogue – and yippee they have brought back the brown cords and with a new funky twist. Well done Frugi.

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