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Yep, we’re talking about cloth nappies again! It’s a good topic for us, and we can waffle on about it for hours… They’re cute, they’re fluffy, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re economical too. That’s why we love them.

We’ve found a few good websites full of information about all the different types of cloth nappies out there: poppered nappies, pre-folds, pocket nappies, fitted…. the list goes on and the jargon is endless. So, here’s one such website, a good ol’ blog that’ll help make sense of some of the cloth nappy labyrinth – has loads of helpful hints and generally makes things a little bit clearer on the eco-front.

We’re starting a section on the Frugi website for all Lucy’s Rants – she always has something to say about all things eco (in fact, she generally has something to say on anything and trying to get a word in is pretty impossible!) but in her cloth nappies vs disposable nappies rant you’ll find plenty of facts and figures that’ll make the decision of whether to go down the cloth or disposable nappy route a bit easier!

If you’re already a cloth nappy addict, let us know your favourites…

2 thoughts on “Cloth Nappies”

  1. I use Baby Greens from the US at the moment, though I have tried lots of different types of nappies. These are organic cotton, one-size nappies with plastic buttons. I got them as they have a special system for new born babies where you just use a special booster with a nappy cover when your baby is really little and only move on to using a the full nappy (with or without the boosters you have already bought) as the baby gets a bit bigger. A great system for tiny newborns so they don’t end up with these enormous bottoms higher off the bed than their heads!
    A friend just recently passed me some Tots Bots which are used with a snappi and these are great too.
    I’ve tried hundreds of nappy covers and absolutely loved the Loveybums (again from the US) in organic wool, button fastening ones. But am now using PUL ones as, bad luck for me, the wool irritates my babies skin and gives them really severe eczema.

  2. I bought a Starbunz the other day – a pocket nappy with a cute chick (or monkey or cow) design. I was expecting it to be a bit of triumph of marketing over substance, but actually it works really well. I’m going to order a couple more to add to the stable (which also contains Fuzzi Bunz – which are my favourite – Swaddlebees and Blueberries.

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