Dino Tee

Dino Tee
Product Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Two words – BUY THIS.  No, make that three – BUY THIS NOW (there are only a few left in the sale – snap them up). 
Dino Tee


This tee-shirt, is, in my humble opinion, one of the best items of clothing ever produced by Frugi.  Which means it’s one of the best items of clothing ever produced, full stop. 

Where to start?  Well the catalogue doesn’t really do it justice – the little visual joke of the dino winding its way round your child’s tummy can’t be captured on a photograph.  It’s a nice greeny colour which goes with lots of things, and the poppers on the neck (or even the “poopers” which is what I typed before I spell-checked this article) mean it can be thrown on a young wriggler very easily. 

The lovely soft cotton is comfortable and irons well, if you’re an ironing sort of person. You don’t have to be – any little wrinkles will drop out with use.  (Why can’t my face learn that trick?).  As the cotton is good quality, I think it will probably give more sun protection than cheaper, thinner fabrics, but please don’t test this theory out and barbeque your bub. 

I particularly like the fact that this tee is smart enough and unusual enough to impress (Granny, other mums, the scary health visitor) but casual enough that it doesn’t look like you’ve tried that little bit too hard.  Oliver will be wearing this tee to a birthday party on Saturday, and I guarantee I’ll be asked about it at least half a dozen times. 

Well done Frugi!

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