Explorer Pants

Explorer Pants – a thumbs down
Product Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Groucho Marx once famously said:  “These are my principles.  But if you don’t like them, I have others.”

Well, the time has come for the lovely people at Frugi to show how principled they are.  Will they allow this Crusader a free voice on this blog, even if it means losing a few sales? 

Because the awful truth is, I don’t like these trousers. 

Don’t get me wrong.  They are beautifully made, of super-soft organic cotton and I know that my bub, Oliver, is extremely comfortable in them.  They wash, dry and iron well (although see note on buttons below) and in fact they are my partner’s favourite item of clothing (for our son, that is – I don’t think Dave could squeeze in to them himself). 

So where’s the bad? 

Well, comfortable is one thing.  Baggy and shapeless is quite another, and I think these veer towards that.  Even Oli’s most voluminous nappies can’t fill the cut for cloth styling of these trousers, so they just hang.  When they’re buttoned to ¾ length, the softness of the fabric means that the inside leg (ie the opposite side to the button) tends to unroll and hang down, giving a curiously lop-sided look – this is noticeable even on the catalogue photo of the product. 

Then there’s the buttons.  They’re made of wood, which looks fantastic – much nicer than plastic.  But they are an absolute bugger to fasten and unfasten.  I’ll admit to being a bit cack-handed, but I find these buttons a real struggle.  So much so that I have to decide BEFORE dressing Oliver whether I want the trews to be full-length or ¾ length and turn them up if necessary before I put them on him, because he won’t stay still whilst I faff with the length when he’s wearing them.  Even unbuttoning them to put them in the wash takes me five minutes! 

And talking about the wash, the buttons fall down a bit there, too.  I found the stain used on the wood leached onto the fabric during washing, and a small area around each button is now faintly yellow (a bit like a curry stain, actually, which is what I thought it was at first – Oliver being partial to the remains of our Friday night takeway). 

If you’re reading this, it obviously means the Frugi crew ARE principled and vigorously espouse freedom of speech!  So don’t turn your back on them – this is the first product of theirs I can’t recommend.  Try the Explorer zip-offs instead, or the gorgeous cords from the new range. 


5 thoughts on “Explorer Pants”

  1. When we first set up the Frugi Crusades we took a solemn oath that we wouldn’t reject negative product reviews – the only thing we’ll edit is bad language, but we haven’t had to remove any four-letter words yet…!

    It’s important to us here on planet Frugi to be open and honest with our customers, and it’s equally important for us to acknowledge the good the bad and the ugly so that the collections keep getting better and better! So keep the product reviews coming, the good and the not so good. We’re always listening…

    Team Frugi

  2. Really nice to know that. I think it’s a credit to you and the type of warm snuggly people you obviously are! And you’re obviously doing well – mine is the only negative review so far, apart from the odd thing around hat sizing!

  3. Now I love these trousers – think they look great on my Oliver!
    But agree with the buttons – I cannot undo them!

  4. Hi Guys, Lucy Here…..from India….

    Yep I am out here with Lauren and Rose doing all the final samples of SS09 – getting them all perfect and scrummy. Very exciting stuff, if a bit hot!

    This sort of feedback we do not see as “negative” much more as constructive! As such, we do have a pair of loop back cotton (same fabric as the explorer pants) trousers for the 0-2 year baby range. We have now just adjusted the pattern to take account of all your points, we have the buttons to plastic, to make them durable and colour fast and have added 2 tabs, one on either side of the roll up, to make sure that they don’t sag on one side!

    Just to prove that we do listen to our frugi customers and crusaders! Good review or constructive one! 😉

    Watch this space….

    (PS. We are also working on new labels that are less bulky and more colour fast – due to your feedback too!);)

    Best wishes from a hot and sticky Frugi M.D in India!

  5. Actually, Oli wore his explorer pants last week, and they are looking better on him now (I’ve uploaded a pic to the Frugi Facebook page so you can see). He’s just had a growth spurt so he fills them out a bit better, and I kept them at full length to avoid the lop-sided bottoms and the buttoning palaver. The button stains have finally washed out now, too, though it took a long time.

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