The hunt for Frugi Crusaders is back on….

We’re searching high and low for five new Frugi Crusaders to join the quest! 

Crusaders will be treated to some free Frugi outfits and a Frugi discount for life. All we’re asking in return is that you help us out a bit by reviewing some of the clothes and helping to spread the Frugi word!

Just drop us an email (by Thursday, September 4th) and tell us a little bit about yourself…. 

Your name, how many children you have, where you live, why you love Frugi and that sort of thing would be a good start… Other things you might mention could include what schools or playgroups your family is involved with, where you shop, which parenting magazines or newspapers you read, how ‘green’ you are and where you go on holiday. Or, more random things like whether you prefer carrot cake or a good ol’ victoria sponge. Basically, you can scribble away to your heart’s content!We’ll let you know by email on September 8th if you’ve been picked or not!

ps. If you already wrote to us last time we were looking for crusaders, you don’t need to re-apply, unless you really want to!!


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