Tip for the sale.. Girl’s Explorer Bootcuts

Alex’s great post re the Dino Tee got me thinking about my top tip of items from the sale collection.

Well my favourite item from the summer collection has been the Explorer Bootcuts.  I sang their praises in an earlier blog and now having used and used and washed and washed I still think they are fantastic – so much so I now have several pairs and some in next sizes up. Yep, I do like them that much! Just pull them on and go …

They’ll be great seeing me into autumn, I’ve also been wearing them with the Tumble Twist Smock Top from the new collection.  Don’t know whether they co-ordinate perfectly as that’s not my forte but I liked the ready to play outfit.

Hope this helps, I’d be interested to hear other peoples favourite items.

Helen H
(Frugi Customer & Crusader)

1 thought on “Tip for the sale.. Girl’s Explorer Bootcuts”

  1. I bought a pair of these for my little girl in the sale a couple of weeks a go and I’m very happy with them! The waistband is the big plus as its ribbed and got a drawsting-all trousers should be so easy to wear-so the babby says 😉 The colour is a nice light green that I’m sure will go with many other tops too.

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