Tumble Twist Smock Top – a Shreaking Favourite!

Girls Smock Top
(Product Review by Helen H – Frugi Customer & Crusader)

A mega mega hit with my little girl!
Girl\'s Tumble Twist Smock Top
If I’d had a camera on me at the precise moment my little girl saw this top it would have been priceless, you would also need to have turned your volume down as the shriek of sheer delight was very high pitched and loud. The whole of her face lit up with joy at this lovely top, beaming as she held it up against herself.  When she put it on one of the first things she did was to twirl round and round, her top joining in too as being a smock top there is lots of material.   

I love the gorgeously soft organic cotton, colour, design and cut of the top (it covers the top of trousers really well)  It is also a top that looks really gorgeous without you having to try, yet importantly is really practical and will take the rough and tumble of play. 

When I saw the top on the website it was straight away one of my favourites as I’d just loved the Boho short sleeved top from the Tangle Twine collection, but this an improvement on that!  Thank you Frugi!

2 thoughts on “Tumble Twist Smock Top – a Shreaking Favourite!”

  1. I agree on all the above points! My little girl is 18 months and she actually made a wide open mouth face when I showed it to her! It is a beautiful top- please do bigger sizes in something similar next year! I also bought the Crazy legs leggings(raisin) in 2-3 and they fit well and make a lovely outfit if you have an 18 month to 2 year old,and they’ll last ages!

  2. I just wanted to update the review by adding that 3 months on this is still my little girl’s favourite top. It has been in the wash countless times but still looks absolutely gorgeous. We team it now in the colder months with the Polka Pants

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