A Farewell to Nappies

(By Joanne G – Frugi Customer & Crusader)

I must admit that when I first ventured into Frugi clothes, or Cut4Cloth as it was at the time, I did so because I needed big-bottomed clothes for a big-bottomed, cloth-nappied baby. Whenever I was asked about Mikey’s clothes by other admiring mums (we’ve all been there), I would start by saying that the clothes were made to accommodate cloth nappies. Big mistake as the conversation generally ended there, with the mum reiterating how lovely they are, but not suitable for them. To be fair to myself, that is why I shopped at C4C and as I had little experience in using disposables at the time I really couldn’t comment on C4C/Frugi’s suitability for disposables. Only when I started crusading for Frugi did I question how versatile the Frugi range is. I was surprised when I tested out the little seagrass zip-off trousers that I received at the beginning of the summer, to find that not only are they a great fit over disposables but, compared to his highstreet bought trousers, they remained neatly around his waist rather that hanging off his hips.

So when I decided in July that it was time to say goodbye to our nappy days, I was still sceptical that Mikey’s Frugi trousers would cut it when confronted with a nappyless bottom. Well, how wrong could I be? Very, is the simple answer. Frugi design their waistbands to be extra adjustable, meaning that they will give a snug fit to even the thinnest child without the risk of falling down. The lining of the waistband is so soft, that I did not worry about it rubbing the skin if I pulled it tight – unlike many of his other trousers that left red marks on his back. If the truth be told, Frugi trousers are the only ones that I can now relying on to stay put.

So I am glad to say, that although our nappy days are behind us, our Frugi days are going full steam ahead – and judging by the new season catalogue are going to get even better!

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