Aren’t we lucky…

Like a lot of people, I think best (when I think at all)  in the shower.  And what I was thinking during this morning’s shower was how lucky we are to have so many things which make life with a baby or young child so much easier.  Things which just weren’t available when we were kids.

I’d find life much more difficult without:

Baby sleeping bags (eg Grobags)

Quick drying fleecy pocket nappies (eg Fuzzi Bunz, Blueberries)

Everything from the Organix range (their little boxes of raisins, corn-based finger foods and so on)

Squishy sachets of organic pureed fruit and veg from Ella’s Kitchen – expensive but it’s a quick and easy way of getting goodness into Oliver

Cheestrings – as discussed on email with fellow Crusaders this morning, these are hardly organic or unprocessed but cables of processed cheese are a pretty harmless vice, I reckon. 

CBeebies – ditto.  And I can’t be the only person who finds presenter Chris rather (ahem) easy on the eye, surely?!

So what makes life easier for other parents?

Alex C – Frugi Customer & Crusader




8 thoughts on “Aren’t we lucky…”

  1. I think Alex has listed all my top ones.

    But I’d like to add Ikea to the list – especially that Smaland place, refillable coffees and ridiculously cheap meatballs. They really have thought of most things you need when shopping with children.

    I’m pretty sure that almost every house up and down the land has a bag of luminous plastic Ikea cutlery lurking in the drawer somewhere. They know their target market!

    And I’m really hoping that the Chris from Cbeebies you mean is the lovely Chris Corcoran from DoodleDo (surely Bafta worthy?) and not presenter Chris? He wears man-scara for sure!!

  2. Oh I’m with Jenny on this one, you MUST watch Doodle Do Alex!! He does a nice line in saying one thing (target audience children) and his expression saying something completely different!!

  3. Hi Alex

    Butch Chris from Step Inside?

    I’m quite partial to Josie Jump myself, and our warehouse manager ,Mark, likes Granny Murray!


  4. I hope Ofsted never visit Granny Murray’s house…

    I’ve thought of another thing – those gorgeous wee leather baby shoes – really yummy designs and they keep teeny socks on. I’m such a sucker for them.

    And gorgeous nappy wraps – whoever said using cloth nappies would save you money haven’t seen my collection of floral, starry, animally, stripey, spotty, planety, fishy and fleecy wraps. But they’re great for showing off and flying the flag for cloth!

  5. Yes, I’m a sucker for lovely nappy wraps too, Jenny, even though I don’t tend to use two-part nappies now. Oliver did get some stick for his strawberry-covered wrap, though.

    I’ll obviously have to watch Doodle-Do, but for now I’m staying faithful to ‘my’ Chris (yes, from Step Inside, Kurt – not sure about the butch though!)

    A friend of mine rather likes PC Plum, which I find very odd, as I reckon he bats for the other side…..

  6. Hi Alex

    The ‘Butch’ thing was rather tongue-in-cheek. However, following your cricketing analogy, I feel that such reservations were mis-placed!

    PC plum and Miss. Hooley have a thing going on. He’s at butch as Archie!

  7. Ikea high chairs are excellent and after a particularly messy meal, I just take it outside to hose his down! On the same theme, I love bibs with sleeves. It makes life so much easier not to have to wash every item of clothing Will is wearing after each meal!

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