Cord Combats

dear team frugi, thank you very much for making my red trousers.  Mummy says they’re brown, but they have nice red bits on that I feel the need to wear red socks with them all the time.  Mummy doesn’t like this as she’s had to go out and buy more red socks.  tee hee.  Can you put more red bits on the outside so that i can show people without showing them my pants as well? 

They are a bit long at the moment, but that’s  because i’ve only just grown out of the 18-24 month range and i’m not even 2 yet.  I do have to say though that it’s very difficult to go down the slide in them as they create a lot of friction with the brushed cord and the mud on the slide.  Daddy says this might have something to do with the 1970s retro slide in the playground that possibly doesn’t reach current safety standards – whatever they are. 

Anyway, they’re lovely and warm and thick for the weather we’ve had over the past few days.  Please make more cords as they are lovely. 

Lots of love

Benjamin Sharp 

Must-have printed cord gypsy skirt

Product Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

This is a must-buy item.  My two and a half year old loves this skirt, it is easy to put on and to manage loo trips by herself in it, and it looks fabulous.  The print is lovely and in a very tasteful colour scheme.  Abi wears hers mostly with the Bong Tree Top which makes a great outfit and has received lots of admiring comments.  I like it as you can dress it up or down with different tights or hair things, and because it’s a very good length and fullness for looking great but still being able to move around easily in it.

Lovin’ the stars above

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well I had thought that babygros were a bit ho-hum; not the exciting part of dressing a baby and definitely not something to devote much thought to second daughter round when there are lots of hand-me-downs floating around.  I confess that when I was sent a Stars Above Babygrow to review I was a bit wistful for some of the other catalogue items I coveted instead.

 Organic Babygrows

But I’ve seen the light and am a raving convert!  This is a really, really (no, reeeally) lovely, cuddly soft fabric and the fit is excellent; it is roomy in the right places and well proportioned for cloth bottoms.  And some very clever design person has put a lot of thought into getting the optimum number of poppers so that you avoid airy gaps round the legs but don’t have to spend 20 minutes trying to match up gazillions of the wretched little things just when your small cherub wants the after-the-bath feed NOW.  I’ve got the pinky striped one and like the subtle shades very much. 

Buy one!  Or several actually, even if they’re for your 3rd or 4th baby.

Jumping Frogs not sleeping bunnies!

by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well, thank you Team Frugi for the Froggie PJs!  They’re wonderful.  I have been trying to teach Benjamin to identify colours and he did seem to get stuck on the fact there was a big frog on the front of the top – a wonderful frog too!  The cotton is the usual high quality, sumptuous thick wonderful cotton that I want in my pjs (but can’t find any that match this quality).  It’s also wonderfully warm too.  

It’s just a shame you do one design for the season… we need to wash it and it needs to dry before bedtime – time to get the wood burner on to speed up the drying process!
Boys Froggy Pyjamas
I do have to hold you responsible, I think, for Benjamin, at the age of 21 months, finally discovering that his cot also doubles as a trampoline!  We can hear him on the monitor trying to sing along to ‘here the sleeping bunnies sleep, till it’s nearly noon… ‘ with him focussing mainly on the ‘jump little bunnies jump jump jump….’ bit more than the sleeping.

His last words last night were ‘jump frog frog jump….’

(ok, it was really sweet and we both laughed… thank you Frugi for those special moments!) 

A winning moment for Frugi…!

Well it’s official – we’re a talkative, communicative bunch here on Planet Frugi. We recently scooped up a shiny ‘Communication Award’ at the Cornwall & Devon Business Challenge 2008. Yippee!! You see, the very perceptive judges spotted the fact that we just love communicating with our customers; whether it’s chatting on Facebook or through the blog…we really enjoy hearing from you all.

You can have a little look at the video they filmed of Frugi HQ…an entire video of Lucy doing what she does best – talking about Frugi! She claims to have been a little bit squirmish when the video was being played up on the big screen at the awards ceremony, but we’re sure she loved every moment of it. See the video for yourself on our Frugi Facebook

And, more good news… we’ve just been shortlisted by the Re:Fashion Awards for Retailer of the Year – they’re looking for a fabulous retailer who has addressed sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. Fingers crossed!

Toddler-grows! By Alex C, Frugi Customer and Crusader

At last – toddler-grows!

As all mums quickly realise, a babygrow is de rigueur for every newborn.  A soft, comfortable onesie which can be opened and closed quickly (albeit with a bit of practice if you’re a first-time mum) is the central part of what is quaintly called the baby’s ‘layette’. 

Lots of mums move their bubs swiftly out of babygrows and into pyjamas – if you’re one of them, check out Frugi’s uber-cool jim-jams.

However, I’m sticking with babygrows for a while yet.  Why?  Because we have stone floors in our house.  Being a typical 18-month-old Oliver is far too busy to bother with things like socks or slippers, so the integral feet of the babygrow are the only things that stand between his tootsies and the sub-zero temperatures of our rather-beautiful-but-totally-impractical-and-I-told-you-it-would-be-difficult-to-clean slate floor. 

And besides, who can resist the snuggly charms of a toddler in a babygrow?  I don’t want Ol growing up too fast – he’s got the rest of his life to wear pyjamas. These babygrows are rather special, too.  They’re made from Frugi’s fab organic super-soft cotton. They come in a lovely range of colours and sizes.  They’re beautiful and natural, with no garish Disney cartoons on.  There’s plenty of room for the voluminous cloth night nappy, but they don’t look too baggy with a ‘sposie on underneath either.  The popper fastenings are particularly clever as they do up right between the legs, so there isn’t that irritating little gap you get between with other babygrows. 

The eczema friendly version has no back label, which is great as one of my few gripes with Frugi clobber is the size of the labels and the fact they don’t lie flat (I’m told this will be rectified soon).  The care label is in the same ultra-soft fabric as the garment itself. 

I love these babygrows and will be really sad when Oliver grows out of them.  They are remarkably good value too –consider the amount of fiddly tailoring that’s needed to make them (eg the feet and the poppers) yet they’re nearly half the price of the pyjamas – another reason to stick with the onesie, in my opinion!

Suggestions for improvement?  Very few, but integral scratch mitts in the smaller sizes might be appreciated by some parents, and non-slip rubber grippity doo-daas on the feet would be useful for the older tots.

Owl and the Pussycat bodies

(Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader)

Organic Baby Vests
I like these a lot.

 A pack of three long-sleeved bodies decorated with piccies inspired by  Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem The Owl and the Pussycat – there’s The Owl (brown), the Small Guitar (scarlet) and the Pea Green boat (confusingly, blue).

The gorgeous thick, soft, organic cotton will keep little ones really snug and they are very versatile – wear them as vests, underneath pyjamas or simply as tops.  They are a cut a bit larger around the bum to comfortable accommodate a cloth nappy (though they are fine with a disposable too) but they are actually fairly slim fitting through the torso, which I like as it makes them look a little bit smarter.  No off-the-shoulder looks here.

They wash very well (remarkably the red one barely bleeds at all, even on first wash) and if you’re like me, it’s easy to convince yourself they need no ironing.  The more conscientious amongst us may like to give them a quick pressing, so it’s good that you don’t have to go to the faff of turning them inside out – it’s fine to iron the picture. 

Any downsides?  Well, I did feel like a bit of a ponce reciting ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ to Oliver’s childminder (yes, I do know it off by heart).  And the literary allusions may be totally lost on people who’ve never heard of the poem.  Also, I would have made the Pea Green Boat body……erm, green.  But I’m nit-picking.  These are lovely clothes and a staple wardrobe item.  Buy them!