Cord Combats

dear team frugi, thank you very much for making my red trousers.  Mummy says they’re brown, but they have nice red bits on that I feel the need to wear red socks with them all the time.  Mummy doesn’t like this as she’s had to go out and buy more red socks.  tee hee.  Can you put more red bits on the outside so that i can show people without showing them my pants as well? 

They are a bit long at the moment, but that’s  because i’ve only just grown out of the 18-24 month range and i’m not even 2 yet.  I do have to say though that it’s very difficult to go down the slide in them as they create a lot of friction with the brushed cord and the mud on the slide.  Daddy says this might have something to do with the 1970s retro slide in the playground that possibly doesn’t reach current safety standards – whatever they are. 

Anyway, they’re lovely and warm and thick for the weather we’ve had over the past few days.  Please make more cords as they are lovely. 

Lots of love

Benjamin Sharp 

1 thought on “Cord Combats”

  1. Can fully understand why you love the cords Benjamin. When I asked my eldest boy which are his favourite trousers he had no hesitation in saying his cord combats! Praise indeed. It is really hard to beat a good pair of warm and hardwearing cords in the winter, particularly ones like these which have the all important style details.

    They have the essential loads of pockets, zipped, two front hip and two flapped pockets. The fit is really good too, with an elasticated waistband and toggles(great for slender types, hurray! we don’t have to wear with a belt)

    As always with Frugi, gorgeously soft cotton which washes really well.

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