Jumping Frogs not sleeping bunnies!

by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well, thank you Team Frugi for the Froggie PJs!  They’re wonderful.  I have been trying to teach Benjamin to identify colours and he did seem to get stuck on the fact there was a big frog on the front of the top – a wonderful frog too!  The cotton is the usual high quality, sumptuous thick wonderful cotton that I want in my pjs (but can’t find any that match this quality).  It’s also wonderfully warm too.  

It’s just a shame you do one design for the season… we need to wash it and it needs to dry before bedtime – time to get the wood burner on to speed up the drying process!
Boys Froggy Pyjamas
I do have to hold you responsible, I think, for Benjamin, at the age of 21 months, finally discovering that his cot also doubles as a trampoline!  We can hear him on the monitor trying to sing along to ‘here the sleeping bunnies sleep, till it’s nearly noon… ‘ with him focussing mainly on the ‘jump little bunnies jump jump jump….’ bit more than the sleeping.

His last words last night were ‘jump frog frog jump….’

(ok, it was really sweet and we both laughed… thank you Frugi for those special moments!) 

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  1. Yes, Frugi PJs are the absolute tops – so supersoft, so warm, so comfy (Yes I know I don’t wear them but my 2-year-olds twins are fast to tell me when they don’t like something – and they are always very happy to hop into their PJs). And the designs are a real help at bedtime (my little boy had a deep attachment to his elephant PJs from last season still!). Don’t stop! My only wish is that long sleeved PJs didn’t disappear in ‘summer’ as we need them year round in our house!

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