Lovin’ the stars above

Review by Joy P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Well I had thought that babygros were a bit ho-hum; not the exciting part of dressing a baby and definitely not something to devote much thought to second daughter round when there are lots of hand-me-downs floating around.  I confess that when I was sent a Stars Above Babygrow to review I was a bit wistful for some of the other catalogue items I coveted instead.

 Organic Babygrows

But I’ve seen the light and am a raving convert!  This is a really, really (no, reeeally) lovely, cuddly soft fabric and the fit is excellent; it is roomy in the right places and well proportioned for cloth bottoms.  And some very clever design person has put a lot of thought into getting the optimum number of poppers so that you avoid airy gaps round the legs but don’t have to spend 20 minutes trying to match up gazillions of the wretched little things just when your small cherub wants the after-the-bath feed NOW.  I’ve got the pinky striped one and like the subtle shades very much. 

Buy one!  Or several actually, even if they’re for your 3rd or 4th baby.

Author: Joy P

Joy is Mum to Abigail, 2 and Lucy, 3 months. When not on maternity leave she works as a freelance business psychologist. She likes food, music, gardening and shopping and is committed to fair-trade and planet-friendly approaches. Joy is a post-natal supporter for the NCT and a fan of independent midwives.

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