Owl and the Pussycat bodies

(Review by Alex C, Frugi Customer & Crusader)

Organic Baby Vests
I like these a lot.

 A pack of three long-sleeved bodies decorated with piccies inspired by  Edward Lear’s famous nonsense poem The Owl and the Pussycat – there’s The Owl (brown), the Small Guitar (scarlet) and the Pea Green boat (confusingly, blue).

The gorgeous thick, soft, organic cotton will keep little ones really snug and they are very versatile – wear them as vests, underneath pyjamas or simply as tops.  They are a cut a bit larger around the bum to comfortable accommodate a cloth nappy (though they are fine with a disposable too) but they are actually fairly slim fitting through the torso, which I like as it makes them look a little bit smarter.  No off-the-shoulder looks here.

They wash very well (remarkably the red one barely bleeds at all, even on first wash) and if you’re like me, it’s easy to convince yourself they need no ironing.  The more conscientious amongst us may like to give them a quick pressing, so it’s good that you don’t have to go to the faff of turning them inside out – it’s fine to iron the picture. 

Any downsides?  Well, I did feel like a bit of a ponce reciting ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ to Oliver’s childminder (yes, I do know it off by heart).  And the literary allusions may be totally lost on people who’ve never heard of the poem.  Also, I would have made the Pea Green Boat body……erm, green.  But I’m nit-picking.  These are lovely clothes and a staple wardrobe item.  Buy them! 


3 thoughts on “Owl and the Pussycat bodies”

  1. But if the pea green boat body was green then you wouldn’t see the pea green boat on it – The body is the colour of the pale blue sky, against which the pea green boat sails on a pale blue sea!!

    I LOVE this range, particularly what my two-year-old calls his ‘red guitar top’, he even asks for it when it’s in the wash!

    Just gorgeous – we would love to see more bright colours and more musical instruments…

  2. I love these bodies too, so much so I have just ordered my handsome man the next size up which I got as a bargain in the sale. I really love the pea green boat dungies too and I’m really upset that I didn’t manage to get the next size up as they had sold out. I really love all the clothes from Frugi, just wish I had known about them when my daughter was a bit smaller. She is 7 now and I’m not too sure she would get away with the age 5-6 clothes.

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