Tango multistripe top

Reviewed by Anna L, Frugi Customer & Crusader

“That’s what happens – they get opinions!” said my dad about a year ago, when Joe was one-year-old and I was surprised how opinionated he was. (I’m one of dad’s three very opinionated daughters…)

Joe is now two and my generally sweet and sunny boy has a level of OPINIONS about clothes that I’d expect from a teenage primadonna not a toddler. Put him in blue trousers when he wants his GREY TROUSERS and he’ll tear them off and hurl them across the room, and he screams as if the world has ended if I choose the hoody top instead of the cardi he wants to wear that day…

Thankfully he likes this lovely, simple, comfy, stripy top just as much as I do, and lets me put it on him – even helps me put it on him sometimes! This and the ‘red guitar’ body are both of our favourites at the moment. Who knows how long we will share a taste in clothes, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts! And I am enjoying it, because he looks just great in this – it’s soft and snuggly as you’d expect from Frugi, washes well, the colours are bright and lovely and it goes with absolutely everything and anything so it’s perfect for everyday wear.

My only issue is with the very wide neck . Joe is small and skinny so it may be wider on him than others, but he is over the age range for this size but it’s still almost ‘off the shoulder’. In this icey cold winter (and wet cold summer…), I often want a vest/body underneath and this nearly always shows – which doesn’t bother Joe of course, but a slightly slimmer neck would look neater and still allow plenty of head space.

Like many of the Frugi boys range, I wouldn’t see this as an exclusively ‘boys’ item -any big brother could pass it on to a little sister .

Frugili snug as a Frugi bug

Reviewed by Helen S, Frugi Customer & Crusader
Well, I had orders from my husband we needed more trousers for our young man.  Oh, ok, you’ve twisted my arm…  I’ll go and buy some.  So, onto the Frugi website where my loyalties lie and I purchased another pair of the brown cords (in the hope my husband won’t notice there are 2 pairs now!) and then thought that I’d go for the Bug Detective Lined Combats.  

I initially didn’t go for these because they were a lighter colour (than chocolate brown) and would show up any marks and need washing more often.  But, as they landed on our doormat, along with the cold north wind and snow, the rich brownness of the material shone through – it’s very subtle, and the website doesn’t do it justice.  The shade of colour and slight ‘shotness’ of it, means that mud blends in rather well!  Plus, and the big plus following last weekend’s snow, they are the warmest, cosiest, sumptuous pair of trousers our little man has ever had. 

At first he didn’t want to put them on,  the brown cords being his favourite.  However, having wrestled him to the floor, coerced him in with promises of chocolate buttons, he then didn’t want to take them off – all day, and the next day too!  (until we had a little accident and then they had to be removed, again with chocolate buttons entering the equation)

The detail on the back pocket is rather cute and has been noticed by other mums – a little bug crawling out of a pinned back pocket. 

They do take a little extra time to dry (thank God for the 2 pairs of brown cords!) but the weather seems to be staying cold so he’ll be in them again tomorrow. 

And maybe this is an incentive to stay dry in the potty training season too! 

These are a definite MUST for the winter and I think we might have to buy a bigger size to keep him happy next year too.

Any chance of a ‘breast feeding’ pair of trousers… er… xx


Festive Crusaders…

…here’s the next installment of Christmas traditions from our Frugi Crusaders. One from Debs P, and one from Alex C:

“We had Christmas at my home for the first time last year as I was 35 weeks pregnant and too big to go up North to my parents.  I introduced the Christmas Yearbook from www.2littleboys.co.uk and everybody at the lunch table has to write in a big book giving their best wishes for Christmas, thoughts for the year past, hopes for the year ahead – as long or as short as they want.  I took a photo of everyone and put it in the book too.  I’ll bring it out next year (I think that I can do 25 years in it!) so we can see how we’ve changed and whether any of our plans actually happened!”
Debs P – Frugi Crusader


“We buy a big fat white candle a few days before Christmas and spend some quiet family time writing on it (with a gold pen) the names of people who will be in our thoughts over Christmas – people who are ill, or bereaved, or less fortunate than us.  We light the candle at the beginning of Christmas lunch and spend a moment or two thinking of these people and sending them our love.  We’re not a religious family, but this brings a nice spiritual dimension to what can be a very materialistic time of year.”
Alex C – Frugi Crusader

Pull Up Heaven

Reviewed by Rachael A, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I can’t imagine any item of clothing more perfect for active toddlers than Frugi pull up trousers. They are simply perfect in every possible way.  I’ve never some across such incredibly thick and soft cotton (and of course it’s organic which is SO much better for everybody concerned). But to say it’s so very soft, it’s also surprisingly tough and washes brilliantly.

They are perfectly cut to be the most comfy trousers ever, look great, and can be whipped on and off in an instant, either by me (which is SO handy when you have twins) or by 2-year-olds getting to grips with dressing themselves and of course, the dreaded potty training.

I hate toddler clothes that are restrictive or fiddly – I just can’t see the point – and pull ups are the epitomy of perfect design for active toddlers.

I have well worn boaty pull ups now in a storage box for the next baby (they wear so well they’ll last another childhood at least) and the new stripy pull ups are now first out of the drawer every time. In fact I can’t wash and dry them fast enough.

Well done Frugi for making organic clothes this stylish and yet this comfy. My kids and I salute you! 

Kimono Body- wrap around luxury

Reviewed by Estelle R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

There’s a lot to learn when you have your first baby, part of which is what works and what doesn’t clothes wise.  One thing I learnt pretty quickly was that newborns hate things being pulled over their heads.  

Initially I bought kimono type bodies from another organic range, which had poppers instead of the Frugi ties and to be honest they worked quite well.  However, they were far too slim fitting to accommodate cloth nappies (even though I sized up), so I decided to try Frugi Kimonos despite my doubts about the ties working as well as poppers. 

 Of course my misgivings were immediately proved wrong and I actually found the ties easier to cope with.  Even on a wriggly 9 month old, they have never come undone.  The quality of the fabric is of course far superior and Frugi have eliminated the neck label to minimise rubbing (they truly do think of everything!).

 I really wish I had known about these bodies before my son was born.  If I had, there would surely have been a few in my hospital bag.  Now there’s a newborn size available, in my opinion they are an essential item for a new baby.  My son goes through fewer outfits now he’s 9 months, but still loathes anything going over his head, so with the sizing extended up to 24 months they will remain on my shopping list for a good while yet.

Funky ‘Christmas’ Romper?!

Reviewed by Diana E, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Here’s why my baby girl will be wearing the “Silver Cloud” Funky Mushroom Romper at Christmas – picture the scene… A parcel arrives with instructions to be opened before Christmas day and, as you feared, inside is a Christmas pudding/snowman/Santa outfit for your little one’s first Christmas. You groan inwardly but dutifully dress your baby in the offending item, at least they are too young to be embarrassed! Unfortunately, and you can’t think how this happened(!), some mashed sprout is smeared all over the outfit over Christmas lunch, tut, tut, shame….

This is what to do, ditch the polyester pudding and dig out this lovely, super-soft funky mushroom romper. In red/cream/silver tones your baby will be the cuddliest decoration in the house! It is soft and comfy for a tiny babe, hard-wearing for a commando crawler and “funky” for Mum and Dad. Although pale, I find my baby looks great with a bright red (to match the mushroom) knitted cardy on top, get your real or honorary “knitting Granny” on the case! She does crawl around in a fair amount of dirt (my baby, not Granny that is) but this romper washes beautifully and to be honest, the pale colours are not as impractical as you might think, she’s been crawling around on dusty wooden floors today and it’s all brushed off without a mark.

It’s far too lovely to be kept just for night-time, although it is perfect for one of those lazy weekend “whoops it’s lunchtime and no-one is dressed yet” days. I tell you what, it’s also very good for those “the wardrobe/airing cupboard is bare and I can’t find two single things that match” days”. Buy it, it’ll last so much longer than that reindeer costume you saw in the supermarket!



Brilliant Bodies

Reviewed by Debs P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

When I first found the Frugi Website I saw that they said their bodies were “legendary” and have to admit I snorted in my tea and thought to myself “how can a baby basic be legendary?” – well I have to take it all back!  My daughter is now the proud owner of 6 Frugi bodies – 3 short sleeved and 3 long.  They are all brilliant and are being worn on a rota basis as a day can’t go by without her wearing at least 1 of them!  Molly has the short sleeved SONG BIRD 3 pack from the summer (still available in the sale section of the Frugi website for a ridiculously cheap price) and the lovely long sleeved STARS ABOVE 3 pack from the current Winter Catalogue.  The reasons I love them so much are numerous – the cotton is wonderfully soft, washes well, doesn’t seem to need ironing, and the colours are great.   They are also generously cut and fit over her cloth nappies no problem.  The STARS ABOVE bodies are so attractive (with lovely motifs) that I use them as proper tops as they are far too good to hide.  Other bodies in Molly’s wardrobe have become redundant as they are not half as good as her Frugi ones – it truly is a case of “buy better, buy stronger” as Lucy says.  I will definitely be able to recycle Molly’s wonder bodies onto other babies as they are more than up to the task!

What’s new pussycat (woah woah woah…)

Reviewed by Jenny T, Frugi Customer & Crusader

These edible dungarees are going to make me break a resolution and I will have to buy them again in the next size because they are just so gorgeous!  For the first time in 3 babies, baby no3 (Martha) can actually sit down in dungarees without the poppers between the legs unpopping!  It’s also been great to have such a perfect fit all over without having to have the next size up with massive turnups on the legs.

In most of her cloth nappies they are a perfect fit and it’s only in the thickest, bulkiest of nappies that there’s the slightest of straining.  She has a mix of cotton, bamboo, hemp and microfibre nappies in the nappy stash and it’s great to not have to compromise on nappy choice to make sure the clothes fit.  At just under average weight (according to the horrible red book) and at almost 7 months, the 3-6 mth size is a spot on fit.

The purply elderberry colour goes with most of Martha’s pink tops (a rose pink is particularly lovely), but cream looks delicious as does a sagey green.  And now I can see me being lured in to get more of the co-ordinating goodies in the same design.  The uber cute cat applique on the front pocket (what do babies keep in their pockets anyway??) is the same fabric as the tumble twist smock top and it’s calling to me now I’ve had a taster of how beautiful the colours and design are!

The dungarees have washed brilliantly – and are quick to dry so they’ve been worn almost every other day since Martha got them!  The print on the applique has stayed true and there has been no fading at all – they look pristine after almost 10 washes so far!

Soft and comfy with lots of wriggle and rolling room – I love that these dungarees match all girly colours and unlike stiff denim or even cord, they don’t slice Martha in half when she sits, or is in a buggy or car seat regardless of what nappy she’s wearing.

Pussycat pussycat (dungarees) I love you yes I do

(with apologies to Tom Jones!!)

Funky Mushroom Romper – stripes and rompers, 2 of my favourite things!

Reviewed by Estelle R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I loved the Swashbuckler Romper from the summer collection, so when the Winter catalogue arrived the Funky Mushroom Romper was the first thing to really catch my eye.  I really like rompers in general (ones with stripes in particular!), but the usual downside is that they are a very neat cut and impossible to fit over cloth nappies.  Not the Funky Mushroom Romper!  There’s loads of room to spare for cloth or an eco disposable and the more generous cut is extremely flattering.  

It’s ideal for night wear, but in my opinion far too nice to hide away.  Made of the gorgeous thick organic cotton we can depend upon from Frugi (another real difference from other rompers, which tend to be on the flimsy side), the 3 colours are gorgeous and the cute mushroom motif adds a lovely detail which ties in beautifully with the rest of the baby collection.  The poppers at the neck allow for easy dressing, an essential feature when dealing with a wriggler.

Size wise, the fit is generous.  My baby is nearly 9 months, but on the small side, so the 6-12 month size is a bit large.  However, the beauty of a romper is that you can just roll up the legs and arms and you have the added benefit of it lasting for longer!  Also, as the cut isn’t skin tight like a lot of other rompers, you can easily add an extra layer underneath in the form of a body for extra cosyness in the winter months.  

Out of all the items from this season, this romper is the one which has attracted the most admiring comments from other mums.  I love it so much, I’m tempted to buy the next size up as I’m sure I’ll miss it once it’s been outgrown.  Since it goes beyond the usual 12 month size limit of other rompers, I may well be tempted…



Red Bug Detective zippy top – a love story between a boy and his hoody

Reviewed by Jenny T, Frugi Customer & Crusader

Robert’s red hoody arrived several weeks ago and I’ve only just managed to prise it off his shoulders for its first wash such is his devotion to it.  Or rather to the inside of the hood! It’s been worn with the hood up at every opportunity and I often catch him nuzzling into it like a comfort blanket – only when he thinks no-one’s watching, mind!

His first reaction to his Frugi gift nearly knocked me sideways, because, bizarrely for a 6 year old boy, he actually had an opinion on a piece of clothing rather than just blindly pulling on what I’d laid out for him that day.  There was a delighted “Aw – coooooooo-ell!!” which I think translates as “thanks mum this is great” in playground speak.  And so his love affair with his hoody began.

I was a bit sceptical about what such a vibrant red would actually co-ordinate with, other than jeans.  But having tried it with khaki, brown, and blue checks – it’s a real winner.  The teal hood and stitching are such a fab contrast – it’s so distinctive, and yet somehow matches with everything.  When the tiny beetle was discovered around the back of the hoody on day 2, there was much delight as Robert decided this must definitely be a scarab beetle (guess who’s just finished a project on the Egyptians!).

This super soft top has been worn as a top layer for walks in the woods and the pockets were tested to their limits when at least 30 or 40 acorns were stuffed in them for the trip home.  It’s also been great for layering under a waterproof on an unpredictable autumn day.  The hoody has been worn as a “cardigan” (do boys wear cardigans?) inside as often as it’s been a jacket outside.

I’ve been delighted with the fit – Robert is above average height for his age and it fits perfectly – I imagine we’ll be using it well into next spring.  But once he grows out of it, I know his little sister has her beady eyes on it already and will be snaffling it as soon as it’s available!

In summary – I love the thickness of the fabric; my son loves how soft and comfy it is – especially the fleecy hood inner.  We both love the thick zip which is chunky and easy to get up and down with frozen fingers.  But most of all I love the colours – great for dull, grey days – like that essential blob of tomato sauce on a hotdog on bonfire night (that’s an organic hot dog of course….)