Bows or buttons for wriggly monsters?

Ok, I shouldn’t really be complaining – well, I should have complained a long time ago.  I have a wriggly monster.  From doing star jumps in the womb to frogging up the changing mat in week 2 of his life, our little one has been on the move from the word go.  I’ve managed to accommodate it up until now – nappy changing a standing 5 month old was helped by the musical box with dancing penguins – it kept him in one place just long enough for me to do the job in hand.  

Anyway, now, as we’re deep in the potty training zone, and he’s still too young to master pulling up trousers (effectively) let alone doing them up, I find myself sprawled across the floor, crawling after the tractor-crazed toddler, desperately trying to do up the fastenings on any trousers he’s wearing so they don’t fall down.  I found myself realising a few things

1.  I really ought to learn that not every bow needs tying

2. can i get the trousers off without actually undoing the buttons?

3. why can’t all trousers, for 2-3 year olds, be elasticated, pull ups! 

Can Frugi help?  Possibly more with the last one than my inability to let untied laces lie…  The elasticated tags on the zip-offs do accommodate different sized waists and could easily be used on more trousers.   I think the worst ways of doing up trousers are the ties around the middle.  Benjamin was running off when I was doing up the Explorer Pants from the summer – the material is quite heavy on those trousers so he always seems to find them around his hips than his tummy, but I find it quite difficult to tie a bow on those in the time it takes Benjamin to get up off the potty before running off to play – I’m quick, but he’s quicker!

Would you be able to look into the ties and fastenings of potty training aged clothes to make it easy to pull up and down without having to tie bows or fiddle with buttons – I find the buttons worse on the undo-ing end – we get about a minute’s notice before a wee and if there are buttons on the trousers they’re usually in the wash soon after as I haven’t managed to get them undone!

yours hopelessly


3 thoughts on “Bows or buttons for wriggly monsters?”

  1. Hi Helen

    All good thoughts – we can certainly have a think about the ideal potty training trousers!!

    Any comments/suggestions – send them our way…!

  2. I love the elastic and plastic slidey widget fastening of the lined cord cargos (as people might have guessed if they’ve read my review!). As secure as a belt, but three times faster.

  3. Yup we struggled with the Explorer pants too, they have been kept for this Spring/Summer (I bought big). I like the flat fronted, elasticated backed trousers like the Blue Banana zip-offs as they can be pulled down and if the popper comes undone in the process it isn’t a disaster if it isn’t fixed straight away. Frankly for boys I’d say the 3-4yr size also needs to be pretty straight-forward or is it just me who has a “dribbler”?!

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