Brilliant Bodies

Reviewed by Debs P, Frugi Customer & Crusader

When I first found the Frugi Website I saw that they said their bodies were “legendary” and have to admit I snorted in my tea and thought to myself “how can a baby basic be legendary?” – well I have to take it all back!  My daughter is now the proud owner of 6 Frugi bodies – 3 short sleeved and 3 long.  They are all brilliant and are being worn on a rota basis as a day can’t go by without her wearing at least 1 of them!  Molly has the short sleeved SONG BIRD 3 pack from the summer (still available in the sale section of the Frugi website for a ridiculously cheap price) and the lovely long sleeved STARS ABOVE 3 pack from the current Winter Catalogue.  The reasons I love them so much are numerous – the cotton is wonderfully soft, washes well, doesn’t seem to need ironing, and the colours are great.   They are also generously cut and fit over her cloth nappies no problem.  The STARS ABOVE bodies are so attractive (with lovely motifs) that I use them as proper tops as they are far too good to hide.  Other bodies in Molly’s wardrobe have become redundant as they are not half as good as her Frugi ones – it truly is a case of “buy better, buy stronger” as Lucy says.  I will definitely be able to recycle Molly’s wonder bodies onto other babies as they are more than up to the task!

2 thoughts on “Brilliant Bodies”

  1. It’s strange but these bodies seem to gape more around the neck than the Songbird ones (and I have the same size, 6-12m, in both). As they are soooooooo lovely and perfect for fitting under dungarees or as a top in itself I would prefer a smaller neck. Even if the body did show above the neckline of another top the colours are so beautiful I would still prefer the tighter fit. The envelope style is more than sufficient to get over a sensitive head without tears.

  2. I love these bodies too. Really practical and it’s difficult to find attractive long-sleeved bodies in shops.

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