Cardy and Legging Set

Reviewed by Estelle R, Frugi Customer & Crusader

I must admit I‘ve never been particularly attracted to the idea of leggings with feet, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how useful this cardy and legging set has been.  Looking back, my baby virtually lived in babygros for the first 6 months and this outfit would have made an ideal daywear alternative.  

The leggings are extremely comfortable and invaluable especially in colder weather, avoiding the pesky ‘lost sock syndrome’ that seems to plague all infants. Tootsies are covered and kept warm at all times and the frustrating gap between trousers and socks that appears especially when using a sling are conveniently taken care of. I’ve tested the leggings with both a real nappy and an eco disposable and they work equally well with both. The only disadvantage that I’ve found is the leggings trail a bit when crawling, but not so much to hamper progress (unfortunately!).           

The cardy is a gorgeous double thickness organic cotton and reversible, giving two outfits for the price of one.  It works beautifully not only with the leggings, but with the whole Frugi baby range.  I’ve teamed it with the Funky Mushroom Romper and Choc Chip Cargos; because of the neutral colour it also works with non Frugi items too.  It’s great for layering in very cold weather and also when you want something cosy but not as substantial as a jacket.  I’ve found it’s also been useful for around the house if it’s especially chilly.

Both items wash well and in my opinion neither needs ironing if line dried, any residual creasing drops out very quickly with wear.

Overall, the cardy and legging set is a cosy and versatile combo made in the beautifully thick organic cotton Frugi is well known for.  An essential part of a baby’s wardrobe during the first year.  It seems a shame it’s only available in the one colour.  Maybe Frugi would consider making it in the blue and pink too?

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