Exciting developments at Frugi HQ

A new home for the Frugi warehouseThere always seems to be something new happening at Frugi towers. New people arriving, new customers to befriend…new toppings to try on the pizzas at the farm shop! But the latest news has been especially welcomed by Mark, our warehouse manager.

You see Mark, famous sign maker, has been craving more room since he first arrived a year ago.  So in view of his whinging and that fact that he did actually have a point, last January we approached Rex and Pat (Our lovely landlords here on the farm), with a view to finding some more space. They agreed and 11 months later, following planning consent, architects, building regs. etc. work has begun. What with converting our current loo’s too, it’s full steam ahead for completion by the first week in January! New loos and a new warehouse – will we ever see Mark again?

Rex is going to re-house his tractors to a bespoke new shed



2 thoughts on “Exciting developments at Frugi HQ”

  1. vintage tractors too – I’m getting in to tractors now for some reason… does this mean Rex has to find somewhere else to keep them?

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