Festive Crusaders…

…here’s the next installment of Christmas traditions from our Frugi Crusaders. One from Debs P, and one from Alex C:

“We had Christmas at my home for the first time last year as I was 35 weeks pregnant and too big to go up North to my parents.  I introduced the Christmas Yearbook from www.2littleboys.co.uk and everybody at the lunch table has to write in a big book giving their best wishes for Christmas, thoughts for the year past, hopes for the year ahead – as long or as short as they want.  I took a photo of everyone and put it in the book too.  I’ll bring it out next year (I think that I can do 25 years in it!) so we can see how we’ve changed and whether any of our plans actually happened!”
Debs P – Frugi Crusader


“We buy a big fat white candle a few days before Christmas and spend some quiet family time writing on it (with a gold pen) the names of people who will be in our thoughts over Christmas – people who are ill, or bereaved, or less fortunate than us.  We light the candle at the beginning of Christmas lunch and spend a moment or two thinking of these people and sending them our love.  We’re not a religious family, but this brings a nice spiritual dimension to what can be a very materialistic time of year.”
Alex C – Frugi Crusader

1 thought on “Festive Crusaders…”

  1. What a lovely idea.
    Recently my son went to Antarctica for 18 months and will be away for two Christmases.
    He was very keen that we should keep the festive traditions going that he has established with his fiancee.
    I think this is an ideal way of keeping track of what we enjoy together and our thoughts.
    Thank you.

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