Frugi Crusaders

We thought it was about time we gave all our fabulous Frugi Crusaders a big pat on the back to say thanks. They’ve been busy bees helping us spread the Frugi word, writing reviews of our clothes, and generally giving us loads of feedback so we can get even better. They’re a lively bunch and we think they’re great – so great, that Rose has even drawn a little Frugi Crusader picture for them…

…Henri has met two of our crusaders, Debs and Ruth, and she says that they look nothing like Rose’s drawing, but we think he’s pretty groovy anyway!!

You might notice that he looks a little potato-like – there’s a good reason for this and it’s not because Mr Potato Head is one of our Crusaders (although that would be very cool, perhaps we should ask him if he’d like to join us)! It’s because we think spuds are a pretty important part of Planet Frugi – our clothes arrive to your doorstep in lovely potato packaging, and our fully compostable, non-GM potato starch bags won us the “Business Innovation of the Year” award earlier this year at the Cornwall Business Awards. So you see, the potato really represents all the goodness of Frugi, and that’s why Rose thought he’d be a good little crusader!

Crusaders, we hope you like him. Thanks for all your support…

Team Frugi

4 thoughts on “Frugi Crusaders”

  1. We LOVE potatoes! We’re even awaiting the arrival of Tractor Ted Grows Potatoes (for all fans of tractors, Tractor Ted is GREAT!) We’ve got Picasso potatoes at the moment which makes me laugh as that’s my favourite joke from Toy Story… tee hee!

  2. I like potatoes too. Especially the yummy organic ones that arrive in my tummy concealed within pasties from the farm shop at Gear Farm.

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